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How to buy on Amazon ?

Create an account:

- Open the Amazon site.
- Click on your account.
- Click on "Start Here". You will be redirected to a registration form to create a new account.
- Fill in the form. Fill in your name, your email address, and the password of your choice.
- Add your delivery address. You can have your purchases delivered to you or your company. Amazon allows you to use more than one delivery address, so you can fill in more than one.
- Add your billing information.
-Use the search bar
Locate the search bar. At the top of the page, you will see a gray rectangular field. With your mouse, place the cursor in this field.
Type the terms of your search.
Press Enter.
Scroll through the results.
Open the category menu.
Choose your category.
Review the products.
Select an item
Click on an article
Choose to buy a new or used product.
- Click Add to Cart.

To order
- Click on the cart icon.
- Click Place Order.
- Choose your delivery address.
- Select your payment method
- Enter any promotional codes.
- Click Validate Order.
Enable 1-Click Orders
Open the Your Account page.
Click the 1-Click Settings link.
Select the address and payment method of your choice.
Activate the 1-Click.
• If you use Google Chrome, there is a free extension called Amazon Easy Search, which will allow you to search Amazon for any words you have highlighted.
• Before validating your order, check the details to make sure the delivery times match your needs. For example, if you buy a birthday present, check that it should be delivered on time.

 Sell ​​your products on Amazon

5 reasons to sell your products on Amazon:

 1 You do not need to create a website
 2 You do not need to generate traffic yourself
 3 You can delegate the logistics to Amazon.
 4 No complicated merchant account to manage
 5 Amazon customer support is irreproachable

Which products to sell on Amazon?
The three solutions for selling on Amazon
You have three possibilities:
• Sell the products of others. You sell products marketed by a brand, by providing you with it.
• Sell products in white label. As a result, these are more difficult products to sell.
• Sell your own products, providing you with suppliers like Alibaba.

The 3 biggest mistakes that professionals make on Amazon

 1: Have very small margins
 2: Positioning on poor quality
 3: Believe that you can do without marketing

7 tips to promote your products on Amazon?

 1 Carefully select the main image
 2 Highlight the benefits of your product
 3 Be accessible for your customers. The fact that there is an email or phone number to reach you is a real plus in terms of customer experience.
 4 Get customer reviews
 5 Optimize SEO
 6 Connect with influencers: Bloggers, YouTubers, stars on Instagram or Pinterest ...
 7 Advertise

How it works?

Access millions of customers and put Amazon's online sales expertise and search and payment technologies to work for your business. Selling on Amazon is a simple process in 5 steps:

1. Create your Seller account
Create your Seller account to start selling products. You will access to the management interface ( Seller Central) .
2. Upload your product stock
After registering to sell online, use the Web interface or Text files for quick sale on one or more Amazon European sites (,,, amazon. it,
3. Customers buy your products makes it easy to buy your products.
4. You ship your products to customers
Amazon notifies you by email when an order has been placed.
5. Receive your payment