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What is blogging?

Blogging is the creation of a website similar to my Earnmoneywithus site and writing your articles, knowledge and experiences on your blog.
The person creating the blog is called BLOGGER.
in your blog, you can write and publish regularly useful and quality content (one to two contents per week).
What to write?
There are thousands of topics you can write about.
 such as: science, new technologies, education, business, stock market, cooking, finance, sports, games ...
As well as thousands of other topics such as fashion, food, travel, lifestyle, politics, gadgets, tips, etc.
People visit your blog, know you, read your messages and write their reactions as comments.
You become popular! you make money !!

Various reasons to create a blog
Making money from a blog is not the only reason to create a blog. But there are other reasons to create a blog :
1. contribute to the well-being of society through publications.
2. for celebrities, influencers, brands, etc .: recognition and connect with their audience.
3. Companies exhibit their products, services, promotions, etc.
4. Finally, some people start their blog to earn extra income.
My initial goal in launching my blog, earnmoneywithus, was to help people looking for different ways to make money online.
So, what is your goal to start your blog?

How to create your own blog
There are 3 steps to start your blog:
1. start with a Free Blog or Buy a domain .
2. Install a good theme
3. Write your first message.

Blogging, is it difficult?
Not at all.
If you really want to make money blogging, you can spend a little time and see in a few days that you can create your own blogs.
How to monetize a blog?
there are great ways to make money with your blog.
Google AdSense is one of the easiest ways to use.
Every time a reader of your blog clicks on one of the AdSense ads, Google pays you.
Affiliation is another popular way to make money.
the sale of your products, your services, your ebook, by taking sponsored posts, becoming a paying member of premium blogs.

Blog that Makes Money
Why should not you start with a free blog?
There are sites such as Blogger, Wix, and others that give you a free blog, but a free blog has many limitations.
• blog hosted on a subdomain that gets long and hard to read, but not short and easy like
• Your customers, advertisers and especially your readers do not take you seriously.
• Many limitations for designing and monetizing your free blog.
• your content controlled by the free blogging platform. they can delete your content or even a free blog. in this case, you will also lose the audience, traffic and revenue generated.
I recommend a paid blog with godaddy, WordPress .. with a very reliable host.

Here are simple steps that will help you start your blog:
1. Choose a blogging platform
 such as WordPress, Blogspot, TypePad, Wix, Joomla, Drupal, etc.
2. select a domain name
Choose your domain name wisely. is the name of my domain and everyone can understand that this blog has something of money.
Another important thing about these areas is that they are easy to pronounce and memorize.
So you choose a domain name so that people can understand the subject of your blog from the very name.
3. choose your host: One of the most reliable accommodations I've found is GoDaddy
Even and other bloggers recommend GoDaddy.
4. Configuration of the blog:
each host has its own presentation, just follow the steps or search on the net if you encounter a problem.
Click Select to choose your plan.

Steps to follow if you want to make money after creating your blog :
Your publications should be original with new, quality content.
very important to get the traffic to your blog. Making money without traffic is difficult. It takes time to get traffic to your blog.
1. Learn SEO techniques on and off-page on your blog.
2. Share on social sites.
3. Write comments on other blogs.
4. Create videos and upload them to YouTube.
This is the ultimate goal of every blogger after starting a blog.
 I will help you start your blog and make it successful.