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what is blogspot and how to take advantage of it?

If you want to start your first blog, you can use one of the free services such as Google Blogger.
First, think about your blog. The name of the blog should be unique, easy to remember and related to your main topic.
To start
Go to the Blogspot / home page and click on "Create a new blog".
Create or sign in with a Google Account
Enter the name you have chosen for your blog and enter the address that will precede in the URL of your new blog.

You can later add a custom domain that replaces in your blog's URL.
The theme

Select a theme. Scroll through the list and choose one to create the blog.
You do not have to buy a custom domain name for your new blog. You can use the free blog indefinitely.
Your first publication
Click "Create New Message" Type a message and click "Preview" to see, in a new tab, what it will look like. The preview is loaded, but the message will not be published yet.
I recommend you go to "Pages" and create the "About" page describing yourself and what your blog is about.
You can also add a logo to the header of your blog.
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There are many free blogging platforms ( or
Once you have a blogging experience, you can progress and become more professional with a self-hosted WordPress blog.
BlogSpot allows you to create a free blog and it's a great way for beginners to start the process of creating blogs.
Once you have published articles reaching at least 1000 views, you can go to "Settings"> "Earnings" to activate AdSense. This will allow you to earn money from the ads that will appear in your articles.
now you can start writing articles and improve your blog.

My personal experience:

- At the beginning, I received only a few views a day, but after indexing my articles, I reached 500 views per day.

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