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Daily Rewards is a website managed by Inbox Dollars.
The owners want to know as much as possible to improve their services. That's why they will pay.
You can earn money by completing:
·        Surveys
·        Games
·        Paid e-mails
·        Search
·        Special offers
·        Referral Program.

The + And the - :
Make Extra Cash
Easy To Do
Can Be Fun

- :
not a lot of money
takes time
High withdrawal threshold ($ 30)
How much are you going to do

BUT, Daily rewards is not a scam !!

Payments are processed every Wednesday and usually delivered within 3 days.
Do not create multiple accounts with the same IP address or a VPN !!

Daily rewards is not a scam.
If you only want pocket money, keep going.
It is easy to follow, but success only applies to those who work in a consistent way.

If you want money without scam, then log in here