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Drop Shipping

The term "Dropshipping" has become widely known and has become one of the most important business types on the Internet, and many have achieved great success with it.
Drop Shipping is an online business, where the online store does not keep its stock, but has no stock. Once the buyer has placed an order with one of the products displayed in the online store, the store will issue another and the third party (wholesaler or other department store or factory) will ship the product directly to the buyer.
  The profits, therefore, represent the difference between the selling price and the purchase price.
Here is a picture of dropshipping in a simplified way:

Main features of direct shipping

ü  You do not need an online store to start.
ü  Many marketers are using popular online stores as an alternative platform for displaying products, for example, you can use the eBay store as a platform to display AliExpress products so that the eBay visitor does not see your product and place a purchase order.
ü  Bring the product to the address of the buyer:
ü  You can also use social networking sites as a platform to present the products.


ü  In shopping itineraries, your store does not play a major role in the business process, but just an intermediary.
ü  The main pillars of trade are: the factory that manufactures the product, the wholesaler who buys plants to sell to the retailer and the retailer that sells directly to the consumer.

ü  Your business in the routes of your purchases is simply a channel that connects the consumer to the reseller or manufacturer who provides the route service.
ü  Formatting itineraries does not require a lot of capital.
ü  As a merchant, you will make a purchase from the wholesaler after receiving the purchase order from the consumer (you do not have to keep a stock, it will not take a lot of capital to start, but that does not mean that the creation of an online store entails fees and marketing expenses that you should consider.
ü  Shipping routes represent a completely hidden process for the buyer.
ü  Your own store is the interface that the buyer will deal with, and the product is meant to reach the buyer and cover the name and logo of your store. The buyer in the routing routes will know nothing of the wholesaler of the product, the sale for him comes from your store, which knows no other, and if he is confronted with any problem, he will have resort to you to solve it.
ü  You do not have to rely on a source of products
ü  In shipping routes, you can display thousands of products from completely different sources, which is very important: the diversity of products will attract more buyers and help you sell more.
ü  On the other hand, the diversity of the sources of products may be a source of inconvenience to the buyer (for example, if the buyer has bought two products at the same time, but from two different sources, he will be reasonably entitled to wait for them. arrival at the same time, probably because they come directly from your store). As a trader, you must anticipate and prepare for it.
ü  Formatting paths make the e-commerce process very simple and fast.
ü  The simple idea behind Drop Shipping offers anyone with simple skills the opportunity to enter the world of e-commerce. This is an advantage for you, but also for all your competitors, which leads to a high level of competition on the routes. This will inevitably result in a lower profit margin for good sales.
What do I need to start Drop Shipping?
ü  Build an electronic store:
ü  There are many solutions and options for creating an online store, which vary by cost and convenience, but you can count on one of them to create an online store for direct shipments.
ü  Here is a brief description of each of them:
ü  • programming companies :
This is the most expensive and slowest option to implement, it is not suitable for beginners, but it is the ideal solution for department stores that need unique specifications and features.
ü  • WordPress and add WooCommerce
This is the cheapest option, it requires some skills to deal with WordPress and add WooCommerce, but with time and effort, anyone can manage it easily. Because WordPress is an open-source program, you will find many annotations and resources.
Specialized platforms:
 are an integrated solution for creating an e-store, which provides you with all the features you need for the amount you pay periodically (every month). This is the most widely used option and the simplest solution.
The most popular is the Shopify International platform.

Subcontracting Wholesalers / Dropshipping
This is a very sensitive and important point. Most vendors who work with DropShipping are wholesalers, department stores, or factories. You must carefully define your choices according to your particular situation, including the target market (the country where you want to sell your products), whether or not the supplier allows you to ship the products to them, and the nature of the products that you want to sell.

Here is a list of the most important sites offering a direct delivery service to stores:
aliexpress (the largest site in the wholesale sector, you will find thousands of suppliers in all kinds of products offering a direct shipping system)
Tinydeal (Chinese site specializing in the routes of electronic devices and smart phones)
Dropshipdirect (site specialized in shipping routes with thousands of suppliers and tens of thousands of products)
Tmart (a site with many footwear products, clothing, accessories, electronics, etc.)
without forgetting the famous: AliBabaShopifye-bayFbs ...

Set the payment method for buyers and suppliers:
You must set the payment method for buyers in your store and you must also specify the payment method of the suppliers. At this point, there are also many options, the most important of which is the payment via Paypal, it is an acceptable means of payment for most providers.

Create a marketing plan and create a brand for your store :
Your success on shipping routes depends largely on your success in marketing and your work to market your store to potential buyers. This includes active advertising campaigns on social media and Google ads. In addition, it should be noted here that marketing begins with pricing, targeting the most appropriate market, and so on.


The shipping route represents a real opportunity for anyone looking to create their own store, without going into the complications and costs associated with the availability of a stock.
 Do not be negative and spend your life wanting to enter this field, but start today to take concrete steps to achieve your dream.