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Many young people aspire to secure their financial future, which makes them look for the easiest way to achieve high incomes and less effort and time. As the online business evolves, young people from all over the world are able to invest their potential in the virtual field and make financial profits that may sometimes be fictional. One of the most popular areas for young people to work online is in the field of equity trading, With very simple capital to start dealing with global stock exchanges and making very high profits.
We will identify one of the most popular sites that offer you a stock trading service, and how to register with possible profit methods.
e-toro is a huge social network for online traders in the field of financial services such as foreign currencies, commodities and private equity indices. Through its e-trading platform, which allows users to interact without an intermediary and make profits through electronic trading.
We will devote this lesson to equity trading, a very simple field through which you can achieve your financial income by buying and reselling shares at a higher price, and your value added profits are reflected between buying and selling.

EToro Registration:
To register, simply log in to eToro Stock Market
(Wait 5 seconds after entering the link, then skip ads to access the site)

Registration is very simple, but you must refer to two stages in the registration process, it is very important to complete in order to get an account in the site of e-toro without problems:

- Activate phone number: This is a very important step to complete the registration process successfully.
- Send a copy of the ID card: It is also an important step that creates a kind of trust between you and the site, and enables you to start trading and get profits with ease.

Profit from e-Toro:
One of the advantages of this site is that it offers you a set of ways in which you can make high profits easily, which we will explain the most briefly in this article.
- Profit by inviting friends:
It's a very simple process, requiring you to promote your referral link and inviting your friends to register on the site, which allows you to earn $ 100 for each person who signs up on your site.
It is a very simple strategy that enables you to earn $ 1000 easily by inviting 10 friends and registering on the site. The higher the number of registrants, the higher your profits.
- Profit from trading in shares:
Trading in stocks is the basis of your registration on this site. By starting to buy and sell shares, you will notice the high profits you will make without bothering or making any effort.
This site includes a large group of international companies that invest in it and offer its shares for sale. As one of the traders, you must choose the right company at the right time to win by buying and reselling.

How so?
You should first choose the company that works in the field that you are interested in. If you talk about the technology field, the investment will be directed at the companies that work in the field of technology, such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo ..., In selecting the appropriate field through the categories you will find in the Markets section.
After reaching the companies I would like to invest in, I must first study the company's data before buying the shares. This is a very important step for you to know the value of the company's shares and whether this value is encouraging to invest in them.
e-toro provides you with a chart of the status of the company's shares, the value of its profits and losses, the number of buyers and sellers ... in addition to other information you can always see them beside the logo of each company.

        You will find a set of reactions after entering the company page, written by traders and activists on this site, which provides you with an overview of how people deal with this company, how many positive or negative responses ... and other information that may enrich your knowledge about companies .
After reaching the company that knows a large number of buyers, and the condition of its shares is constantly improving and has positive reactions, you can choose them and buy the shares from them and wait until the share price rises, then put it up for sale again and win from it.

How do I buy a stock and how do I sell it?
The process is very simple, just enter the company page where you want to buy or sell shares, and then you will find the price of the stock and word deal, click on it directly.

         After that, you will open the purchase and sale page with a set of information, modify it in the desired format to buy the stock at the right price for you.
Note: If you enter the price number you set up the price of the stock, it means you will only buy, part of the stock, and profits will also decrease.
After editing the information for the page, click Create Order, and you will buy the stock from the company with which you created the transaction.
Another note: the price you will enter to buy the stock, is the one that will determine the number of shares and parts of the stock you will get.

The sale process will be the same way  With the price of the stock you sell.

This allows you to buy and sell stocks in an easy way, and start earning your profits. You can view the stocks you bought, the number of trades you have made, and other information only through the real portfolio, which you will find in the options menu on the left:

Note: For Virtual Portfolio, it is a good option for E-TORO for beginners, so you can get fake money, try trading through e-toro and buy and sell stocks. It is a good choice and is advised before starting in real trading.

- Profit from traders' copies:

It is a very unique process offered by the Itoro website, which allows them to copy and trade the trades of other people. This process requires you to share a money amount with a trader's account, and when doing any trading, whether buying or selling shares, Automatically according to the amount you have allocated for it.

To do this, simply select one of the leading E-toro traders who is constantly making profits. I personally advise these traders:
Noa Strijbos:
You can search for other traders through this tool:
 Best Traders in -  eToro

After selecting a trader and copying his trades, click on copy that appear after entering his account:

After that, you will see the trader's trading status (the percentage of the increase or decrease in profits during the last 3 months), and you can allocate the amount to be traded by copying (the minimum is $ 100), and you can set the minimum loss to stop , Which means that if the loss of the person you are tracking exceeds, your account will automatically stop copying this trader.
After you finish all the required information, click Copy to perform the process:​

Training on e-TORO:
E-toro provides you with a very nice property where you can practice dealing with the site as well as practicing stock trading before you start investing your real money.
 Some tips for better trading on e-toro:
- Try to be more follow-up to the news of the companies from which the shares are traded. For example, if Google announced the launch of a certain service in a future time, faster to buy shares from Google, because the shares will rise directly between the price of advertising service and launch. This will make you buy at a low price, sell at a high price, and make a profit.
- Always try to find reliable sources of news after blogs and official corporate websites, so as to avoid rumors that might make you buy shares at a low price and sell them for a lower price.
- Do not trade on Saturdays and Sundays, as the trading market is out of service and the process will be done until Monday. Stocks may be high on Saturdays and Sundays and prices fall on Monday and then lose.
- Try to address the reactions of traders to any company, it will show you how much profit they get from the purchase of shares from this company, and some of the strategies that have taken to gain more profits. You can also read and read new news.
- Do not waste any chance in forming a Forex and trading stock, this will enrich your earning potential.

- Be patient, and the spirit of risk and intelligence, these elements are essential for success in the field of trading shares.

I hope that you have covered all the aspects of stock trading on the Itoro site. If you have any questions about the site or trade, put it in the comments and I will be happy to answer it.
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