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Global Forex Company (FBS) is one of the most popular companies in the world
So we will explain the registration in fbs the right way and activate the account full explanation pictures step by step.
FBS has the advantages of making it one of the best companies in Forex trading
For example, the means of withdrawal and deposit in FBS are also the types of accounts in FBS
You can choose between five types of accounts, as you find yourself and your possibilities in trading, not the bonus programs
The most famous is the $ 123 bonus program without a deposit and also the 100% bonus program on the deposit

Explain the registration in fbs and activate the account 

Log in to the registration page 
You will find the main interface of the fbs registration page
Click the Open Account button as shown in the following picture
 You are redirected to the first step of registration
  fbs is the profile page
Select your account type and currency, type your full name, and then type a password composed of letters and numbers
Then write your e-mail and then the mobile number without the zero number that starts with the mobile number and then write the code of the captcha
Tick the boxes and then click on Open Account as shown in Figure  below
You are redirected to the second step of registration at
  fbs is the account information page
Here, you must be aware of the need to write this information such as the phone code, account number and password
All this data in the agenda or notebook or printed and saved away from the computer
And never save them in a document on your computer as shown in the following picture
 Then close the Account Information page and go to your email address. You will find two first messages for your account information
It is not detailed and the second message is the task to activate the registration account in fbs
 We follow the registration in FBS
After clicking on the activation link you will find that you have been redirected to a page that has successfully activated your e-mail
Now, you have finished registering in FBS Successfully.
Join million of traders with the best licensed Forex company
To register at FBS clic here

What do you need to learn to become a trader?

ü  Trading Elements
Forex trading means that you buy or sell currency pairs and earn profit from exchange rate changes. This area consists of a number of necessary tasks.

ü  Trading
The trading process involves opening and closing orders in a trading platform called MetaTrader. It is a command to buy or sell a currency pair. It is important to know how to open, modify, and close commands in MetaTrader, how to use the basic features and functions of the program, and how to customize the schemas.

ü  Market analysis
 There are two basic types of analyzes. First, you have to learn how to analyze charts - distinguish tyrannies, stumble upon important levels at which the price may reverse or accelerate its current movement. Second, you have to understand the importance of the impact of economic events on the Forex market. You need to know the economic calendar. With his help, you will be able to trade on the most important news as well as avoid sudden events that may affect your transactions.

ü  Risk Management
It helps you to immunize yourself against negative results and organize your money in a way that allows you to stay in the market for a long time and thus get more opportunities to make deals. Learn about general risk management rules that help you reduce your losses and maximize your profits.

ü  Trading Psychology
After you make your first deal, you will realize that the process is stressful and that you must have the right mentality to become a successful trader. You may discover that this is more complex than it seems.
FBS offers a wide range of learning materials that allow you to learn Forex faster, easier, and more fun.
You can watch educational videos and then deepen your understanding of Forex by going to text courses in the Forex Guide.
FBS also offers direct, free, educational and analytical tutorials for novice traders and those who have some experience in Forex. In these courses, you can ask your questions to the analysis and trading experts.

Good luck in trading and profit is always your ally!