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paySera Bank

Paysera Bank is a bank situated in Lithuania. It offers a great deal of electronic servicess that will support many traders. It  offers a Visa Card covering all nations. This is something exceptional. We are the editors of "Earn money with us" site, which gives a total profile of the primary highlights of Paysera and how to open an account with it.
The most important features of the bank paysera and how to open an account: 

Bank offers you the opportunity to open a real bank account. I will say real and not default like some other banks, you will have a current account in Europe with the IBAN number and swift code, the card will be awarded at the bank's discretion to the customer, subsequent to studying the client's document will decide whether you qualify for the card or not and will appear to you immediately after the activation The possibility of applying for a Visa Card..

The most important features of paysera Bank 

- Obtain two bank accounts: The second will be dedicated only to the Visa Card

- The possibility of transferring from your account to any bank account in the world through the IBAN ID and take a transfer from 2 to 33 days for all countries of the world.

- Transfer to European bank accounts takes 3 minutes for SEPA countries.

- Transfer to any Paysa account

- Convert to any WebMoney account

- The possibility of shipping your account through Skrill or Neteller or any other bank where the bank exchange ....

- Bank exchanges don't have commissions

- Very high level of security given by the bank to its clients

- The price of applying for a Visa Card is very symbolic contrasted with different banks and is assessed at just 10… Euros.

- The possibility of ordering five different cards for your relatives at a same price.

- The card is valid for four years and can be connected with Paypal or some other banks as it very well may be utilized in any ATM around the globe.

- The possibility of receiving money for you even by instant messages

And many other features we can address later.

- Possibility to open an trading account.

- The policy of the bank is in logical inconsistency with the closeout of a wide range of servers and will be shut any record gets cash through the clearance of seismic or IPE Tifi

- Support is accessible from 8 am to 8 pm This is ordinary as a real bank and not a default

Visa Card Benefits:

The monthly VISA card fee is ..€ 0.45.. !!

- Buying from the Internet inside European countries or sites whose accounts in Europe are free and does not deduct any commission provided that the item is in the euro money

- Buying from the web in other currencies is 0.1 Euro + 1%

- Withdraw money through the ATM inside Europe fee of just 1 euro

- Withdraw money from outside Europe with a commission of 1.5 euros

- Access your account balance by ATM just 0.3 EUR

Now go to the registration method
First register here.

Click on registration at the top of the page

 The registration page appears where you type your information

First field: Select country
Second field: Email
Third field: Password .. It is best to contain large and small letters + numbers and symbols to be good
Field 4: Rewrite the password

Fifth field: Name

Field 6: Surname

Box 7: Phone number

Box 8: This button confirms that you agree the terms of use of the bank. You can not register without it

Box 9: Click open an account

Then the page appears at the bottom
Click on the selected box to confirm the email

This picture appear  in the email

Click on the confirmation link  as descripted.

After clicking on the confirmation button, you go directly to your bank account and you see four tables. These tables define the level at which you want your account to be
Level 1:
Benefit from basic services. Transfer money to any other Paysera account.
Buy online, as the daily limit: transferable 30 euros. 100 EUR for purchase, monthly limit: 300 Euro, annual limit: 2500 Euro
Level 2:
Benefit from basic services. Transfer money to any other Paysera account. Buy online. Bank transfer. Money extraction, Daily use limit: 150 Euros, Monthly limit: 450 Euros, Annual limit: 2500 (1000 Euro for bank transfers)
Level 3:
It is the most important that you can request Visa Card basic services. Transfer money to any other Paysera account. Buy online. Bank transfer. Money extraction, Visa card request. Transfer money to international accounts. It also benefits from iban number to receive money from non-bank accounts from around the world
Daily usage limit: 600 Euros
Monthly limit: 600 Euros
Annual limit: 7200 euros
Level 4 :
Basic Services. Transfer money to any other Paysera account. Buy online. Bank transfer. Money extraction, Visa card request. Transfer money to international accounts. It also takes advantage of iban number to receive money from the bank accounts of non-default from around the world, either on the limits of use is determined by the account holder

Now, we come to how to activate the account at the third level so that we can apply for Visa card :

First  press the select button at the bottom of the page in the third level as shown in the image .

After doing, so we come to four ways to confirm the identity, see the picture at the bottom:

Method 1: Download the ID card

Method 2: Upload the passport

Method 3: Download the driver's license

Method 4: Upload a document to prove the accommodation

After selecting the document, you are prompted to upload it as described

The document should be very clear.
(Tip: It is best to be scanned so that the bank does not refuse it and have the trouble to resend it. If the ID card sends the front and back images, click on upload files and upload your document. Your information is in the table below).

1/ First name
2 / Later name
3/ Date of birth
4 / Select your gender (male or female)
5 / The country from which the document was issued
7 / Document number
8 / Date of issuance of the document
9/ Date of expiry of the document (for documents with a valid date only)
10 / PIN in document (if applicable)
11 / Click on the upload document box for approval

Then your account appears with a note above. The bank tells you to complete the activation.

Press continue, this menu appears

1 / Confirm Email: send you a code via e-mail re-write it

2 / Confirm the phone number: Send you a code in the phone number, retype it

3 / Download a personal document: As previously explained

4 / Answer the questions: Give you a list of  questions and answer them

5 / Upload another personal document: Upload another document by following the same steps above

6 / Confirmation via Skype: Not necessary. It is only for level 4 owners

After doing this,  they send you an email telling you that they have received your documents
They give you a personal code as in the picture.

After all the steps, the application for the card remains, the card application is easy. First, charge your account for at least 10 Euros, then ask for it here