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Dropshipping with Shopify

Dropshipping is a thriving e-commerce market. But before, there are parameters to put in place, fill formalities and have a strategy. If you are a beginner, you will have to select a platform and Shopify is a reference platform to launch your e-commerce in dropshipping.

Why Shopify?
In addition to its millions of users around the world, Shopify has an easy and accessible interface for beginners, an ergonomic aspect, several templates, a secure payment system. Shopify offers the least creative or hesitant a trial period.

The prerequisites:
*      the choice of the product to market, determine the target audience, conduct a market study (know what works and what does not work), the analysis of the competition, know the suppliers (its reliability and experience) ... and know the viability of the project.
  Finally, your marketing strategy that will be at the origin of the success or failure of your business.

*      Secondly, you have to find a good logo and a representative name, to work your SEO (visible on the search engines) because you have to behave as a professional. Your images must be sharp with a good description, this is one of the keys to your success.

How to create your e-commerce site with Shopify:

1- Shopify account setup
register on the site, enter your personal information, validate your data, you will be redirected to your admin area where you can set up your dropshipping site.

2- Choice of the theme:
you have free themes and other paying (premium). Click on "Install Theme" or "Buy Theme". As you can access the Shopify theme marketplace.
You must also configure the theme to be unique, then click on "Publish as my shop's theme"

3- Display your products to sell them:
Go to "Products" then "Add a product";
the "Organization" part will allow you to categorize your article. For products in the same category, go to "Products", then "Bulk Actions" and click "Add to collection".
 Adding products can be done manually or automatically. You can add pages according to the article on your site. Go to "Online Store", "Pages" then "Add Page". Finally, for discounts and promotions on products, go to "Discounts", "Add discount" and "Generate Code". You can determine the duration and products of the promotions.

Bulk addition of products: you can use the oberlo tool that will allow you to synchronize the inventory status. Oberlo is free (up to 500 products), beyond, the price to pay varies between 29 and 79 € / month depending on the number of products.

Ø  Coupon codes and discounts:
to do this, go to "discounts" and then "add discount", then start configuring your promo code to create the reduction (in% or value) and the delay of the promotion.

4- Create your page on Shopify:
Go to "online store" then  "add page". Add your content then click on "save".

5- Information about your company for a better image:
go to "Settings", "General". Fill in the required information in Store Details, Store Adress, and Standard and Formats. This information is necessary for reliability with the customer.

6- Taxes:
Preferably, taxes should be included in the selling price of the product. To determine them, go to "Settings", "Taxes", check the box "All taxes are included in my prices".

7- The delivery method:
to set it, go to "Settings" then "Shipping". Controls the destination of the commands ("Edit address") and the delivery areas.
Now your site is ready. However, test it before: go to "Payments", "Select a Credit Card Gateway" and then "Other", "Bogus Gateway" and "Activate".
This test is important before the launch of the site.

8- The payment methods:
go to "settings" then "payments" to configure online payment methods: Paypal, paysera, etoro, Payoneer, credit card ...

These steps mentioned above are in our opinion the most important to get started in dropshipping. Shopify, easy to use, is a real ally for any beginner. You can easily card on Shopify and get positive feedback from customers.
So, Good Dropshipping with Shopify !!!