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Ads Residual

Ads Residual 

 How this business works

Profit from direct referral 10%

Profit from the balance of 10% on the weak

Note To activate the profit from the balance must register at least two people on the right.end a person on the left.
Profit from the $ 1 levels on each person enrolled in your network up to level 18

- Advertisers: is a high-quality, location-targeted ad segment to increase visibility and target shoppers on the Internet
- Members: The Paid2Click section gives profits to view ads

The first stage:

activate the account

- To enjoy the services provided you must buy a package of $ 50 to enable you to activate your account for 30 days
- A $ 50 package lets you place your ads on the site

The second phase:

Your account portfolio
Your account portfolio is divided into "Cash Wallet" and "Business Wallet"

All your profits from the team (Binary and Bonus profits) are divided as follows:
* 60% in Cache and Lite
* 40% in Business and Lite

Example: I earned $ 1000
$ 600 in cash and chips and $ 400 in Business and Lite
* With the amount found in Cache and Lite you can
- Pull it on your Bayer or Bitcoin wallet that will be added
- Do your pack
- Become an active member of the network
- Activate another member group in the network

* With the amount in Business and Lite you can from
- Buying advertising space
- Activate your package
- Become an active member of the network
- Activate the bouquet of your direct members

 third level :

Buy ad space
An example: I have $ 400 in Business and Lite
Since I am the advertiser, any advertising owner will be my profit 50% of this amount
You will download directly into your Cash and Lite account for any $ 200
The other 50% will be distributed to members of the debt lobbying

To make the process easy, 25 percent of BusinessWell's profits go directly to the head of the network

For members of the religion did not make a profit of 140 dollars per month

 The fourth stage:
Member whose earnings are less than $ 140 per month
The company will enable you to click on 10 ads per day of 10 seconds to 20 seconds
Each advertisement worth between $ 0.4 and $ 1 until the member reaches the collection of $ 140, which enables him to remain an active member. This amount will be transferred to BusinessLite, which enables him to activate his membership

Note :
 Clicks will be reserved for members whose earnings have not exceeded $ 140 per month

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