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Despite all efforts provided by its competitors, GoogleAdsense remains the must of most bloggers (the new ones mostly).
  your Adsense account may not be approved or your account may be blocked for reasons that you feel are unjustified.
This will push you to look for other alternatives : RevenueHits, PropellerAds,, Infolinks, BuysellAds, Exarab, Popcash, Captcha, PopADs…..

But how to win with advertising?

There are many ways, among which are:

1 - Pay per click (PPC):

your own advertisement on your website / blog or text links on
CPM advertising networks
Pop-ups or remunerated notices

2.- Sell your own ads:

for those who have a lot of traffic, they will need an ad page on their blog, with the different ad formats with their cost.
Another solution is available;

3- Sell text links :

another similar solution exists;

4- Cost-per-click advertising networks (CPC).

5- Pop-ups and pop-under :

6.- Paid Notices