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ArabMillionaire gives the opportunity to win substantial prizes while supporting charities.

How it works
Users participate in the Arab Millionaire contest by buying € 1 tickets each. Each ticket includes 20 lives for the Daily Quiz contest and free entry to the weekly draw. Each drawing entry consists of a unique combination of 6 digits.

Every week, 6 out of 49 numbers are drawn and cash prizes are won. Each week, one or more users have the chance to win the biggest prize, the grand prize, which starts at € 1,000,000. The grand prize is shared between charities that earn 20% of the grand prize amount and the grand prize winner who earns 80% of the Grand Prize amount.

The Daily Quiz contest offers its own daily prizes ranging from € 20 to € 10,000. They are awarded to players who have successfully completed at least one Daily Quiz by correctly answering 3 quiz questions and participating in a draw (separate from the Arab Millionaire draw).

How to play

Every Tuesday at 7:30 pm KSA time, a random draw to randomly select 6 of the 49 winning numbers will be broadcast live on social media.
You can take part in the next draw and become the next millionaire!

Steps to play

After registering and completing your profile, follow these steps to participate:
Step One - Choose one or more categories of charities to support
Step Two - Select the number of tickets (each ticket costs € 1 and includes 20 competitions for the daily game, plus one free draw entry)
Step Three - Click the Purchase Button

How to claim your prize
All winnings will be credited to your ArabMillionaire portfolio.
You can withdraw the funds (more than 50 €) by clicking on the "Withdraw money" button in your wallet and following the withdrawal procedures.