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Buildbox is a game creation tool, designed to be user-friendly, characterized by a drag-and-drop interface. You can drag it to your computer and then decide whether it is classified as an object, background, character, or action, creating the game world.

Buildbox is simple to use, it is equipped with a number of tools designed to make your game as complicated as you want. You can build your game in different dimensions, add advanced animations and even set up a pay-to-play monetization system.
We would all like to point out that we are neither professional game designers nor developers.
To start
The game design can start with something like an image. It can be a sketch of a character, a beautiful background or an object of the game.
The software comes with enough predefined assets to create a game without creating additional characters, backgrounds, or objects.

When you create a new project in Buildbox, you have the option to select the type of game you want to create. You have options for creating endless unique worlds, or worlds - or "levels" - to complete. Then you get a menu tree that looks like text-based game creation software.
three tools to create your own text Adventure Games.
Once you have opened the menus, you can familiarize yourself with the basics: a background, characters, objects, and animations. Then you select a background image and lock it.
   Buildbox has a community that posed and answered almost every imaginable question.
Attention to detail
Buildbox comes with its art pack that contains enough multimedia resources to create a complete game without even using additional software.

The characters in Buildbox have optional animations, which means you have to integrate different variants of the character model to simulate the movement.

After customizing the characters (from their shadows to the sounds they emit when they jump jumping and touch the ground).
Objects (if they are stationary or on paths and interact with the player when they touch him).
You even have the ability to create a flashy menu for your game. There is a detailed layout to give your game a consistent layer and user interface.
  As a result, a number of changes and improvements have been made to Buildbox, which will make it even better.
  You can also have certain characters unlocked only under certain conditions, or if they need to be purchased with a currency in play.

Here are some available elements that can refine the game creation process in Buildbox:
• Rewards can appear from vanquished foes
• Deactivation of sound effects and music
• see the name of the item when you select it in the editor
• Locking objects, the background.
• Buildbox has an automatic backup feature, so it asks you if you want to open the most recent backup.
Final product

Exporting a Buildbox game is as easy.
You can put Buildbox games on Amazon, Steam, the App Store, etc.
Start now!

No matter what your coding, programming or game creation experience is, you can launch Buildbox and find yourself creating the next mobile game.

  You can get a monthly or annual subscription, or you can buy a license directly. You get all the assets with your Buildbox license, and you keep all the money you earn from your game.

Start making your game today!

The new Buildbox updates are available on the official website. With the new Manipulator tool that works in 2D and 3D mode, creating levels is fast. You can also switch between 2D and 3D to change the order of the objects and rearrange the game scene.

The multi-tool

This Buildbox 3 Beta 4 update includes: Progression and Space Shooter with Health Bar, to improve the way you interact with your game.

The first model is Progression. With this model, you can gradually make your game more difficult by switching between different platforms and obstacles.
The second model is Space Shooter. It also includes a visible health bar.
In the Beta 4 update, there are several JavaScript APIs, especially for the user interface and ads. You can add award-winning video ads in your game.

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