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Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency via the Internet, which uses cryptography to perform transactions.
There are more than 1000 crypto-currencies, the best known is bitcoin.
it is usually stored in an electronic wallet, protected by a key and a password.

the +:

• not dependent on a bank.
• made for the Internet, facilitating access to online commerce.
• Transactions are public, but transactions are addresses.
• no counterfeit. resistance to computer attacks.
• Transfer fees are lower than banks
• Fast transfers.
• No limits in transfers.
• No intermediary.
• Irreversibility of transactions.
• Storage on a server or on a key.

the -:

• Low impact of cryptocurrencies on the general public (~ 150 million USD / day in March 2016 for Bitcoin).
• Poorly developed but expanding payment network.
• Dilution of the interest to adopt one more than another, due to the development of several types of cryptocurrency in parallel
• volatility.
• Risk of deflation / hyperinflation by insufficient or excessive monetary creation.
• Irreversibility of transactions.
• Cryptocurrency is definitely lost after losing a USB key.
• Energy consumption due to more and more important mining.


* The wallet:

 contains the address. The private key secures bitcoins. You can store the wallet on an online service, on a USB key.

* Mining:

The miners discovered that the process could be done by graphics cards, but they used a lot of electrical energy and therefore a very high heat.
A mining product has been launched to replace computers, but it still consumes a lot of energy.
To overcome the difficulties associated with the mining operation, Miners Pools was created to find solutions.
The extraction of money will follow several steps:
First: a mining apparatus
Many extraction devices are available.
The last born is the Antminer S9.
By using Bitcoin BitTorrent Calculator, according to your data, you will be told what you can get by using this or that device.
Second: a Bitcoin wallet
you need to own your money.

you can change your address every week.

* Blockchain :

the blockchain is a numerical register where all the exchanges between its users are listed. It is secured and shared by its different users directly, allowing everyone to check the validity of the chain. It is anonymous and tamper-proof.
Blockchain is the technology, the architecture used by Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies.

How it works?

The Blockchain is a network of nodes. Each node receives a copy of the blockchain and is an administrator.

why nodes?

Participation in the network gives rise to rewards. The first to succeed will receive a certain amount of cryptocurrency.

why the blockchain?

- the exact origin of a product

- prevent identity theft.

- Secure the votes.
A blockchain, or chain of blocks, makes it possible to store and transmit information.

* Token:

 A unit based on the blockchain, issued to allow users to perform transactions.
it can be used as a means of payment, to grant a right or to transfer data.


Digital currency, electronic, virtual, decentralized, cryptocurrency are all terms used to describe Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, which can be used to exchange on the Internet. It's not the only one, but it's the one with the most users.

Anyone can become a Bitcoin user and becomes one of the nodes of the network. All transactions are recorded in a public and shared register: the blockchain.

It is designed to self-regulate and will be limited to 21 million units divisible up to the eighth decimal: the Satoshi.

The Bitcoin code is open source, so visible to all.

There are several types of portfolios to store Bitcoin.

Its disadvantages?

Over-exploited network: There are many nodes that validation can take time. An update is recommended.

- The internal war between the 3 Bitcoins: The classic Bitcoin, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and the Bitcoin Gold (BTG).
At the time of writing, 1 BTC = 17.48 BCH.

Bitcoin Gold has not yet emerged.

-very energy-hungry.

Participation in monetary creation, called "mining", follows a logarithmic pattern.
The price of Bitcoin has made its popularity. In 2010, it was worth only a few cents, against 6.436,29 euro at the time of writing this article.

Other crypto-currencies (Altcoins) and their course, visit

The faucets

allow you to recover small fractions of cryptocurrencies. These sites are funded by advertising and captcha. All you need is an e-mail address and will.
In 2 steps you will earn your first few currencies :

1) Create an online portfolio

What is the portfolio in Blockchain?

A blockchain portfolio is a digital wallet that allows users to manage bitcoin and ether.
A multitude of (micro) online portfolios exist.

I recommend the following for your faucets:
Wallet Bitcoin

CointPot is a micro-bowl to recover the gains of several hawks. An email address is used to connect. It includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dodgecoin and Dash. It also converts all currencies for free into one. An excellent site!

QoinPro a multi-portfolio.
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Win the bedecoin in 5 min. Evolutionary gains (minimum 100 litoshis)

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Direct Faucets 

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Earn fractions of Bitcoin, Litecoin and others! After 5 min (4 satoshis)
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- An Airdrop is a free gain of cryptocurrency. Used by the creators to announce their project.
- It can be profitable, with each participant collecting the equivalent of $ 1 to $ 20.
-          - There are other portfolios: BitcoinCore, Electrum, Msigna, BTC wallet, Bread wallet, Bither, green pieces, Multibit HD, Mycelium, Go Bit, ..., etc.

-        Software for "cryptocurrencies":

-          Minergate : .
-          GUIminer ;
-          Cryptotab :
-          Computta
-          Desktop Mining
-          freebitcoin-generator
-          btcprominer
-          bitminer
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Let's start with a little exercise!

​ To do this it's very simple, choose one of the following three options or do all three at once:
• First of all, you have to have an address bitcoin wallet, this address is necessary to be able to receive your Gains.
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