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Cut-Urls is a URL shortener.

Requirements to join the CuT-URLs Shortening network :

Do not reduce content-based URLs (for adults, which may be threatening, harassing, defamatory, obscene, contain viruses, child pornography, abuse, harass or violate human rights) ) or Spammer a website, or blog with a link from the site.
It is also forbidden to bring automated traffic on your links (the account will be automatically closed). The viewer must click on the link itself or use popups/popunder, the "redirection loops", the creation of multiple accounts (One account per person).

CuT URLs and payment

Publishers would be paid on demand via PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin and Payeer. (minimum $ 5).

the + of CuT URLs-Url:

• Sponsorship fee of 20%.
• Low payment threshold
• One-time payments
• Real-time reporting system

CuT's URL rates are comparatively high for US, German and European traffic. if you want to earn an interesting cash bonus, then do not hesitate and click here.