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Earn Honey



• Junkie Poll: Earn up to $ 50 per poll.
• Swagbucks: Watch videos, respond to polls, etc ... and earn money. Join Swagbucks and get a $ 5 bonus.
• Ibotta: Take receipt photos and buy online and make money. A $ 10 bonus awaits you when you register and claim your first offer. Join Ibotta.

What is EarnHoney?

EarnHoney is a web-based company that pays you for your participation in missions like playing, watching videos, responding to surveys or buying online.
Some of the advertisers' money is given to the user.
EarnHoney gives you what are called Honey Dollars (HD $) that can be redeemed for gift cards, money transfer to your PayPal account or in your bank account.

How can I sign up and start making money?

it can be broken down into 6 simple steps.

1.     1.Registration:   Click on "Register now for free". Confirm your email. You can also use your  Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

2. Create a profile: you will not be able to win Honey Dollars if your profile is not completed (in 30 seconds). 10 HD $ will be on your account when you finish.  

3.Watch videosClick on "Win" and then "Videos". You will have a list of 3 videos. Every video you watch to the end will give you 3 points

4. Play gamesYou will earn $ 15 per hour. Other games are coming soon.

5. Complete surveys or polls: That's where you can earn more (up to $ 80 HD per completed survey). (in the test phase). Check or stay up to date on EarnHoney website.

6. Redeem your prize: The minimum amount is $ 100 Honey Dollars for a $ 1 Amazon Gift Card. Click on "Exchange". EarnHoney has bank deposits, PayPal and Amazon gift cards.

How Much Can I earn With EarnHoney?

it depends on your efforts. It takes $ 100 HD for 1 dollar.
If we are talking about videos, each video could be completed in 4-5 minutes for 3 HD $.
You can just leave your computer running all day to earn about $ 3 / day to do nothing.

If you watch videos or play games, your gain will be around $ 95 a month in passive income.

And what else?

use passive income by referring a friend. You ‘ll receive 10% of their earnings for life. So, put your referral link on Facebook and Twitter or send emails to your friends.

Let's summarize!

You can make money without doing any work if you have a computer that you can leave running all the time. we must act now.
The other way to earn money with EarnHoney is to use sponsorship. You earn 10% lifetime of what your referrals do.