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If you are a good site owner and want to profit from your site, you will certainly find solutions for many companies, but it is difficult to trust an advertising agency as easily or to find a company offering different models. display ads on your site.

From there,, an emerging advertising company, is led by skilled people with extensive experience in the field.

To use, follow these steps:

• You must first login to the Arab Advertising Network website and create a new publisher account if you own a website and want to place your web ads.

• After completing the required simple data and pressing the save button, you will receive an email to activate your account, click on the link in the email.

• Then log in to your account with the name and password of your choice.

• Then click the "Add Ad Area" button to create an ad text for the ad region you will place on your site and start earning revenue.

• Arab Advertising Network offers a variety of advertising options, such as a fixed on-site fan slot, and a fixed, unopened square and rectangle.

• Select the type of ad you want and name it as desired, then tap Next.

• You can then get the script from the "Get Code" button in the purple bar.

• Now, if you choose another location, for example, you can put the 728x90 script as script text in the site.

• Your network will be accepted within a maximum of 24 hours.

• For a user-friendly location, the profit will be generated by the number of impressions, the clicks will not generate any benefit and you will get about $ 0.8 per 5000 impressions.

• All these types of ads are safe, do not contain suspicious sites.

• You can track your income in detail from the home page.
• Advertisers also have a service center with ready-to-use packages that make it easy to purchase visitor services.

In simple terms, the owner of any for-profit site can receive his profit every 15 days, provided that the profit exceeds 5 US dollars, via PayPal. If the publisher wants to withdraw money via Western Union, he can do it once a month after the profit exceeds 200 US dollar.