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Facebook Messenger

How to make money with
Facebook Messenger?

* SEND A MESSAGE: you can send it

* React: with a sticker, a GIF and emoticons.

* SHARE your highlights: With Messenger photo, add photos and videos, then send or share them with Stories.

* Spend your time for A VIDEO SPEECH, it's free via Wi-Fi.

* SEND A VOICE MESSAGE by pressing Save and Send.

* You can even SEND and receive MONEY EASILY and securely (in the United States, United Kingdom, and France) in the app by adding your debit card or PayPal account (the USA only).

* Suggest a meeting place: or share your location.


* USE Facebook MESSENGER to stay in touch.

Do you know that Facebook, which is headquartered in California has approximately 20,000 employees with nearly 800 million users worldwide.

The benefits that Messenger offers:
- With a simple message on Facebook messenger, you can convert a prospect into a customer.
- no need to work the administration hours (weekends, holidays and office hours ..) because you can answer at any time.

Some tools that FB messenger offers in the new update:
- the application (plugin) Live box: a page manager.
- local awareness: for small businesses. By pressing the message button, customers can make an appointment.
- they have integrated a CRM (customer relationship management) showing you the profile of the person who contacted you. So, we avoid questions such as: do you know this person? but we receive his message and we decide if we answer or not to add it to our list of friends.

All this is free. So why not take advantage of it?
But there is also facebook for work (for companies) that the Facebook company is developing.