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To sign up for Facebook, follow the steps as follows:

1. Go to the Facebook website.
2. Go to the homepage, enter your information.
3. click on "Registration".

You adjust your privacy settings. For this, follow these steps:
1. Click the down arrow in the upper right corner of the page.
2. Tap on "Settings".
3. click on "Confidentiality".
4. Define who is allowed to see your publications and how to contact you.

Personalize your profile: by adding a profile photo, a photo and personal information, also add a frame to the photo of your profile.

follow pages: and receive updates of your favorite pages.
the calendar of your Facebook activity in chronological order.

Adding friends:
go to profile, click on "Friends", click  "Search friends".

Posting on Facebook:

The  best method to connect with your family  and friends is by updating them about your life with status updates. To share your status, go to text box.

You can share messages, such as:
• Feeling / Activity: what you feel or do.
• Recordings: and tell your friends where you are.
• Mark friends;
• Mark an event;
• Ask for recommendations;
• Survey: ask for the opinion on a given subject.
• Nonprofit support: as a charity. Your friends can press the Donate button to support it.
• Facebook stories

Photos - Videos
: you can add photos, videos, albums, and live videos

Photo/video albums:
1. Go to the profile.
2. click on "Photos".
3. Click "Create Album".
4. Upload photos / videos.

Facebook Live
To stream live to your Facebook account, follow these three simple steps.
1. In "What do you think?", Click "Live video".
2. You can add a description of your live, tag people, add an activity, connect to an event, support an association or add a poll. You can also add a title to your live show.
3. Click on "Go Live" when you have finished this description.

Connect with friends
: like their messages, share content on their calendar and communicate with them through discussions.

Users have begun to look for how to take advantage of Facebook since it first appeared in 2004. But in fact, Facebook's concept of profit has been a tacit concept for many years, that is, there was no way This was the case until 2014 and Audience Network appeared, and since then everything has changed.

In fact, there are many ways to take advantage of Facebook directly, as well as many other indirect ways that rely primarily on the power of Facebook marketing.

The most important ways to enjoy Facebook:
 Facebook is one of the big advertising platforms that no company can ignore. In fact, this has created huge marketing opportunities for every business owner, creating profitable opportunities for many people. But a huge entity like Facebook has not only done the same: in recent years, it has expanded its services and expertise, creating huge profit opportunities for anyone smart enough to exploit Facebook's offerings.
It should be noted here that most Facebook profit methods, whether direct or indirect, require a Facebook page to reach them.

First ways to enjoy Facebook directly:

There are relatively straightforward methods, thanks to which you can get a direct profit from Facebook.

1- via video

The benefit of Facebook videos is very similar to that of YouTube called "Separations Ads", which allows to place ads on videos, The owner of the videos can earn from these ads.
You have a list of terms to monetize Facebook videos:
Videos should be posted from a Facebook page and not from a personal account.
This page must have at least 10,000 subscribers.
Profits from Facebook videos must be available in your country and in the language in which you post your videos (Facebook, by the end of 2019, will be available in almost any country).
You must be eligible for profit: (eligibility criteria).

2- via applications

Since 2014, Facebook has extended its subscription to its advertising company, Audience Network, through which each smartphone app owner can benefit from its application.
3- via instant games:  if you have a good knowledge of HTML 5, you can then benefit from Facebook. Add it to the list of instant games and Facebook inserts ads and starts to make money.

4. via instant articles

It's a new technology for opening articles called snapshots, allowing Facebook users to open shared articles from websites. These items are flashed as shown below.

Facebook allows webmasters to use this technology for free, thanks to a set of simple settings. In fact, this is not only what Facebook offers, it also allows webmasters to make profits with their instant articles.

Note: To take advantage of Facebook through videos, apps, instant articles, and instant games, use the Facebook audience network, which lets you create and apply ad units, track your news reports, and income and realize your profits.
In short, Audience Network is a subsidiary of Facebook very similar to Google Adsense.

5- via Facebook Marketplace

A great service provided by Facebook which is Facebook Marketplace. It allows everyone to add their own products to appear in front of other users based on their geographical distribution. The owner of the product and the buyer communicate via Facebook Messenger.


Second, ways to take advantage of indirect Facebook 

derive indirectly from the marketing power of Facebook (about 2 billion monthly users). There are many free methods, but in reality, the power of Facebook marketing is essentially through funded advertising.
The most important ways to take advantage of Facebook indirectly:

1. by renting advertising to third parties

If you have a Facebook page with a large number of members, you can make it an advertising medium for others by opening a paid ad receipt. In this case, you can use your own page to announce that you are accepting third-party ads.

2 - via the marketing commission (affiliate):

you can use Facebook's marketing power to benefit others. In return, you receive a commission from the company or website for which you are promoting.

3 - getting visitors to your blog or website:

You can also market your online store on Facebook, generate more sales, and then more profits.

4 -  marketing your business:

If you have a special project and you want to achieve more sales and profits. You can of course use funded ads here and target the geographical area covered by your project.

5-  selling you as independent:

If you want to get more customers, then more profits, Facebook is the perfect way to sell you as a freeLancer. In fact, free work has recently become one of the most interesting choices for most young people: it is a way to achieve freedom of management of time and life as every young man wishes. Social networking sites, of course, are dominated by Facebook and are a great way for every free launcher to market its skills.

6 - by managing the pages of others: this option allows you to take advantage of Facebook is an excellent choice for you. By creating a Facebook page to express your marketing skills, you can attract a lot of customers and generate more profits.


 I tried to cover the idea of ​​taking advantage of Facebook in many ways, whether direct or indirect. But in reality, there are many other subnets, including indirect, which are based on the marketing goal you want to reach via Facebook.
Let me also ask you to share this article on social networking sites and to help improve one's life.