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 what is it?
Fiverr is an intermediate site between sellers and buyers of small services of all kinds.
Thanks to Fiverr, a seller can offer a specific service he can do for $ 5.
Anyone can buy a service for $ 5.
It should be noted that $ 5 is the opening rate or the initial rate of services, as some services may be paid for $ 100.
For example:
You can offer the service at $ 5, add the delivery feature at $ 24 for an extra $ 10, and work with two different types of samples to allow the buyer to choose between a $ 10 supplement, and so on.

what kind of services?
The Fiverr site specializes in the mediation of the sale and purchase of small and micro services in all areas.
There is a section for design services with all the design of images and drawings.
A service-related e-marketing department that helps people working in Internet marketing to gain visitors, analyze and improve the ranking of services in search engines, etc.
You will find a special section for writing and translation services to and from almost any language.
A special section for video services.
a section for vocal music services
Many other sections.
Each section has dozens of internal sections and dozens of concerts.
The word "Gig" means on the Fiverr website a certain service provided by a supplier.
To be a service seller, you must describe the work that can be done to buyers.
Fiverr offers more than 3 million different services that you can buy or you can add your own service to sell on this big market.
How to win from Fiverr?
All you have to do to take advantage of the Fiverr site is to create an account as a seller and choose a service for sale on this site already used by hundreds of thousands of service providers.
Just think of what you own and you can sell it for $ 5 as a starting price, or you can help others with $ 5.
At first, it will be modest, but with a little effort, you can double it and eventually turn it into a major source of income.
At the end, I want to tell you:
Feel free to take advantage of everything you own or anything you can do. You can make a little profit on the Internet by using your abilities.
4 secrets and effective ways to profit from Fiverr :
Method 1:
- sell a service to Fiverr that you buy from a competing site for Fiverr at a lower price than the one you sell.
Competitive locations:
First, look for a certain service at a low price on one of the competing sites, then place it in Fiverr at a higher price and as soon as the buyer requests your purchase, transfer it.

Method 2:
Buy a digital product from Fiverr and resell it.

Method 3:
Create an Android app for the customer site and post it to the Google Play Store using or
You can do it in simple steps and you will only need a link to the site and 5 minutes of your time.
Here are some of the ways I would recommend to all Fiverr novices.
Techniques for a good evaluation in Fiverr:
- Finish on time, the customer will find that the service completed in one hour or half-hour will pay heavily to evaluate the positive and vice versa.
- Providing a service, for example by increasing the service to provide the Facebook page to 1,000 fans, you gave it 1,200 or 1,500 fans. This will allow the customer to feel satisfied and will certainly thank you.
- Give gifts directly after delivery Tell the customer that I will give you this or that product if you want me a good evaluation.
- Contact your customers who have already purchased your new service and offer them special discounts that will allow them to feel their special status for you, ensuring you repeat customers.
I hope that these ideas and tips will give you a moral boost and a basic reference to enter the world of work via the Internet, especially in the field of mini-services such as Fiverr.