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Forex or foreign exchange market, is the most traded financial market in the world with a trading volume of more than $ 5 trillion a day, or 200 times the New York Stock Exchange.

The main players in the foreign exchange market have historically been central banks, multinationals and financial institutions, but the growth of online brokers has allowed individual traders to access this market and to negotiate on a par with great.

Advantages of Forex

1. Liquidity

: fast execution of transactions during market hours.

2. Continuous operation

: open 24 hours /24, 5 days /week.

3. leverage

If we had a leverage of 200: 1 and we had $ 150 to invest, we could take a position of $ 30,000.

4. Low entry level

Due to the high leverage, it is possible to open accounts with foreign currency brokers from 100 USD. This is a much lower entry level than other types of investment.

5. Low transaction costs

A foreign exchange broker mainly derives its income from the difference between the buying and selling prices (the difference).

 6. No manipulation of the market

The foreign exchange market is so vast that it will not have a major impact. Only government decisions, policies and reports, as well as other global effects, are the most likely cause of significant movement.

What is traded?

 A stagnant economy will result in a weak currency, while a growing economy will have a strong currency. So we speculate on the strengths and weaknesses of a particular economy or country

Major & Minor Currencies

the main currencies are the currencies of the world's major economies: the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, the Euro Zone, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and New Zealand.

The notable absentee is the Chinese yuan, the Chinese government limiting the trade of its currency.


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