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What is Freelancer ?

Freelancer is one of the most popular online business sites, with more than 6 million opportunities to win or work on site.

This site is rich and it is important to get a job through it.
The idea of ​​the site is the following: If you own a project and want to do it for yourself, or if you want someone to give you a specific service, you will find on this site thousands of people who serve you for a sum of money and vice versa: If you have experience in the field of business or in specific services, you will find your opportunity to work through this site and also for a fee, you receive from the owner of the service that you returned him.

What services does the site offer?

 Data entry Design and many other opportunities. Remember that working on this site will bring you many experiences in dialogue with other members from all countries, who will also gain experience through their projects.
How to register on the freelancer site:
Enter the site from here

Click sign up  for a new subscription.
After we open the site, we enter the settings to edit the personal data that belongs to us on the site.

Change settings

After entering your data, you will receive a message informing you that you have been registered successfully on the site.
A message that you have been successfully registered on the site
Now, for the step of changing skills, companies will come to you based on your skills.

Modification of skills

Get all the skills you know to get more jobs through this site. The site automatically posts jobs matching your experience and skills.


* You can start working without needing capital.

* The site provides many types of work.

* Independent intermediate site between workers and employers.

* Can work without needing experience in simple work, such as word processing.

* You can find a work that matches your skills.

* Freelancer is considered one of the most famous sites in the world of entrepreneurship.

* Freelancer can work from home or anywhere else without having to move.

* The work we need to help set up the freelance site can be put to the implementation of specialists at the price we offer.

2. How to open an account on FREELANCER:

to open an account, Click on this link
you write your e-mail and your password and click on join a freelancer :
1 - registration with a facebook account (if we do not use this option, we fill in the following fields)
2. email
3. username
4. password
5. return the password
6 - employment: we choose this box in the search for people who do work for us
7.  work: we choose in the case of job search.
8. click here to create the account

Go to the next step

We choose the skills we can work in and allow the site to choose up to 20 skills in free membership or Professional membership for one month: the site offers us free new features to become a member.
- Continue without activating the free professional subscription :

1- Profile: We fill in various personal information.

2. Alerts: we choose the type and method of alerts

3 - Membership: we have several types of membership at different prices (you can leave the membership free and you do not have to upgrade to the higher version)

4. password

5. Payment portion and financial parameters

6. Security settings

7. Account


3. A worker's request to help implement a freelance project :

1- Start a project

2. Start a contest

3. Introduce local work

4. Get a factor

5. Revision

6. Browse the directory

7. society

4. Looking for work on FREELANCER:

1 - Presentation of works according to your skills;

2 - Show projects: all projects on the site are displayed.

3. Presentation of competitions

4. Presentation of local jobs

5. Display the labels

6. Favorites

7 - Obtaining Certificates: When the site offers exams based on our specialization and, if successful, the badge will be placed in our profile, which indicates our level and increases the chances of obtaining contracts.

5. Explain projects at FREELANCER site :

1- presenting our projects
2. control panel
3. communications received

6. Get help at FREELANCER site:

1. Get help

How the site works

3. Frequently Asked Questions

4. Fees and costs

5. Disputes

7. Explain the FREELANCER homepage icons:

1- Research

2. Account balance

3. Messages

4. Alerts

5 - View the latest projects and competitors and can adjust their settings

6 - View some services of the site

7. Profile and various settings related to the account


8. Sample of required works at FREELANCER site :

the work required varied and multiple, the prices vary from work to work, the duration of work varies from project to project, and also the number of people competing to get a job varies from one project to another.