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GoDaddy is an organization that sells custom domains that make it easy to remember your link. It is possible to configure your e-mails according to the domain name you have assigned. 

We will explain, step by step, how to configure a custom domain name purchased from GoDaddy:

1.     Link the PURCHASED DOMAIN to your BLOG:

Log in to Blogspot >> >> settings >> "Basic >> >>" Publication ">>
Go to 'Edit' >> and write ''.
An error in red will appear saying "We have not been able to verify your authority on this area." Error 12. " You will get CNAME blogspot records for Google to use in GoDaddy.

Set up personalized and free email with the previously chosen domain name.

2. Registering 'cname' in godaddy.
You will have unique cname codes that you must add to the goddady control panel.

Sign in to godaddy >> "domains" >> "all domains" >> click on your domain >> "manage" >>

At the end of the page >> DNS management >> "Manage DNS"

Then, a table "Records" will be displayed. If 'www' is available, you will modify it, otherwise you will add a new record.

click "ADD" >> then in "Type", choose "CNAME" >> in "Host", write "www" >> then go to "Points on", write "" as follows.

We need to add another CNAME here.

Click "ADD" >> "Type", "CNAME" >> "Host", Second CNAME record >> then in "Points to", write the corresponding address.  

updating the records of zone a; (ip provided by blogspot):

O Add 4 IP addresses common to all blogger users in the same registration table shown above.

Click "ADD" >> In "Type", choose "A" >> in "Host", type "@" >> and in the "Points on" field, type "" as shown below;...

Similarly for the following 4.

  The array of CNAME and A records will look like.

4. Publish your blog:
you have to save all the settings before publishing the blog.
you go to >> settings >> basic >> "publication >> >> check the box and save.

also redirect your "" to ""
you wait between 1 and 4 hours for the changes to take effect on the net.

check out the direct passage from the url to the new custom domain name.