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Infolinks is the third advertising platform in the world.
Founded by Yariv Davidovich and acquired by Thrive Plus LLC (Thrive +).
 Among the benefits that advertisers can gain, Infolinks places ads (text, image, video, etc.) on relevant websites to increase their conversion rates.

How it works ?

 For bloggers, a wide range of ad formats in different sections of the website (text, footer, interstitial ads etc.).
Advantages ?
here are some of them:
• the third largest marketplace in the world.
• a targeting system for highly relevant ads.
• thousands of advertisers in all sectors
• a multitude of ad formats.
• responsive mobile ads for maximum revenue.

How to earn more money with Infolinks?
Infolinks offers a multitude of ad formats that can be used on your site to monetize your traffic with these ads.
To get an idea, here are some examples of Infolinks ads:
1. InFold
2. InFrame
3. InText
4. InScreen
5. InTag
6. Article
Better understand how to use these formats for more gains:
.- InText: ads based on keywords. you can choose your link style, as well as the color of your choice.
You can view up to 12 links per page and choose to show these ads
- InFold: Infolinks uses the power of display and search to increase your earnings.
You can place these ads wherever you want with the color of your choice.
- InScreen:
You can use these ads at the entrance of your site or at its exit.
- InTag: informative tags in the published pages. You can choose the location of these tags as well as the color when they appear.

- InFrame: are attractive and you can place them where you want on your blog.
- InArticle: take place in your articles and your pages.
To position an InArticle ad with Infolinks, the following HTML tag must be included where it should be served:

+ and - of Infolinks:

Advantages :

• more commissions than AdSense.

• Infolinks can be added to other advertising platforms (AdSense or other).

• no surprise fees.

• customizable ads

• Wide range of ad formats ..


• CPM high in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, but low elsewhere.

• the CTR is higher and the CPC is lower.


For Infolinks to approve your blog:

1) eligibility: Make sure your blog content is not illegal, negative or offensive.
2) Monetize your blog with Infolinks:
the step-by-step procedure.
Step 1: Click on Infolinks to register. mention the address of your blog, then complete your registration by entering your email or your Facebook address.
Step 2: You will have a code to insert Infolinks ads on your blog.
Step 3: Insert this code into your site, or the plug-in if you are working on WordPress, Blogger.
Step 4: After registration, your account will be reviewed. After 1 or 2 days, you can use Infolinks.
To integrate Infolinks ads on your blog?
For that, you must have a verified account.
The case of WordPress:
Step 1: Installing the plugin. Go to the Dashboard, then Settings> text ads.
Step 2: Log in to your account.
Step 3: Copy the PID and website IDs into the settings and you're done.
Step 4: Your ads can be customized (color, style, number and InText ad formats per page).
How to boost your income from Infolinks?
by increasing the CPC of your ads (depending on your audience). High-end products will earn you a good CPC.
Logically, ads of poor quality or low-end products will earn you less.
Second, revenue depends on the number of visitors to your site.
to increase the income on Infolinks, you have to check certain points:
• Ad placement: is important for getting a high number of clicks. Infolinks offers us a wide choice for advertising.
• Increase your traffic: by targeting high CPC keywords, to lead "VIP visitors" to your sites for "buy".
• Keywords with a high CPC: with a low search volume and a high CPC. some tools like (SEMrush, Keyword Generator).
To be paid . How?
On your Infolinks dashboard, you can see how many people have clicked on these ads.
The minimum payment threshold?
$ 50 via PayPal, eCheck or Payoneer each month.
In summary,
 Infolinks can be an alternative to Google AdSense (for small sites) or in combination to diversify revenue.
For large traffic sites, use other methods such as affiliate programs or the sale of your products.