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How to proceed?

To Create your product on Inkthreadable, simply click on "Create products". A catalog of products appears to make your choice.

For beginners, go to "Suggested Products" and choose the products you want.

Download the design of your choice:

after selecting the product, you will have the options for its creation.
You will have the blank template with icons (seven in number) to help you create your product:

- download: you can resize or delete the image in the control panel. When it's done, click on "Create a product".

- import your model into your Shopify shop: click on "import". You can also edit the details of your product.

- "The title" of your product: You have to choose the title because that's what your customers will see when visiting your store.

- Description: Contains information about the product (material, weight ...) that is useful for customers. You can add information that you think is useful for your product.

- Brand: You can select the brand you want to assign to this product.

- The label of the mark: put in the collar of the garment. This option depends on the product you want to create.

- Price: display the price of your products in your store.

- "Published": check it to publish your product as soon as it is imported into your store.

The other options will help you create your product variants in your store.

For example, you can add colors and sizes of your choice.

Once completed and verified, click on "Import into Shopify".

This button will become "View on Shopify".
Do not forget to build the catalog of products of your store!

Good luck!!