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Instagram  appeared in 2010, media in 25 languages, help you connect with your friends.

How to Start?

* Install Instagram: from App Store or Google Play Store then open the application.

* Register for free and enter your details if you are new. If you already have an account, log in.

choose your friends and interests: on the Home tab. This is the tab where the people you follow will appear. you can do the following:

* Tap the (+) icon to share your Instagram post.

* Press (Δ) to view your received messages.

* The magnifying glass icon refers to the "Search" page.

*To search for other accounts, type your keywords in the "Search" bar.

* Instagram stories of "influencers" will appear under the search bar.

* Your activity on Instagram appears by clicking on the heart icon.

* To see your profile, tap the "account" icon to do the following:
-           Tap the + icon to add your contacts list.
-          Tap on the icon (≡) to display the Instagram options.
-           Tap Edit profile to edit your username, edit your personal information.

* If people you follow have posted, their new content will appear on the home button.Bas du formulaire
*          * Add your photos to Instagram
            *click on "+" and add your photos. It's that simple!
            * As you can record a video by the Instagram camera by pressing the circle.
            * Select for your photo one of the 11 filters available on Instagram to beautify them. you can also add the caption you want to your photo by tapping "Write a caption".
           *  You can choose the followers of your photo.
           *  Share on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Tumblr in just one click.

Great !! You have successfully posted your picture on Instagram!

Create an Instagram commercial account: step by step ;

1 - Download Instagram and create your account.
2 - You can also create an Instagram account by logging in via Facebook or by entering your e-mail. Use a professional email with the name of your actual business.
3- Add a profile photo that is compatible with your brand image.
4- Make your bio while being precise and effective.
5- You can display your external link in your biography.
Instagram currently has more than 750 million active users, so future customers for marketers.

The types of advertisements on Instagram:

1. Photo ads: 

 in square or landscape format with a CTA "Get a quote" on the next page.It is the least difficult.

2. Video ads

 Video ads are more appealing, lasting up to 60 seconds.

3. Carousel ads

scrolling through multiple images or videos to encourage action or the website.

4. Advertising Stories

a kind of unique announcement in 9:16.

Tips for an enterprise Instagram strategy:

1. Your audience likes or dislikes still images or vector graphics.
2. choose the ideal time to post according to the circumstances.
3. choose the right theme of content: preferably for beginners over a short period while still creative.
4. The good brand style