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How to earn with Kolotibablo?

Kolotibablo is a captcha typing site that provides two types of work: typing by captcha and moderation work.

 Start with Kolotibablo :

To join Kolotibablo, nothing more simple. Click here . you will be redirected to the registration page. type your username and a valid email address. Click on "save". Go to your mailbox, retrieve your user information. That's all!! 

How to work?

Sign in to your account.

Beware of case sensitive captchas. .

Kolotibablo offers you two types of work:

- typing Captcha: "Reading and type"

- and moderation Captcha: "the examination of a typed captcha: correct or not"

Withdraw money?

Many ways are offered:

- Paypal: one of the best online payment services in the world.

- Bitcoin: is a good choice too. To know that the price of cryptomonaies is variable.

* be fast and precise.
* As soon as you reach the minimum sum, remove it.

During the day, the kolotibablo rate is $ 0.3 to $ 0.5 (low rate). It is better to play at night (the rate is $ 0.5 to $ 0.65) per 1000 catpchas. If you do 2000 captchas / day. within 2 weeks, your reward will increase by 20% (you will be paid $ 1.2 when you reach $ 1)


- WebMoney transfer: transferred in just 24 hours
- payza,
- okpay,
- payoneer etc.
- Paysera

the +:
it takes time to win with ..but you can earn more ($ 0.75 a day ... and $ 1.35 a night for 1000 words for example). It's real money. It's a bit difficult, but it really pays.