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LinkedIn is known by many as the professional network.
On this network, you can do a lot of things like sharing your research, post your resume or recruit, expand your network, do some prospecting, learn influencers, showcase your skills, promote your business ...

If you want to create your LinkedIn account, then let's go!

First, complete your profile. The higher the quality, the more it will appear in recruiters' research. Here are a few tips :
• your photo: first thing seen in the searches!
• The title (catchy);
• detailed and accurate profile, a researcher does not have time to read your stories;
keywords according to the job you are looking for or offering;
• adds documents (briefs, book, link to the personal website ...)
nb .: Add your LinkedIn link on your resume!

Your marketing strategy to expand your network:

- extend your business card:  The others will return the favor, Do they hunt for relations! and in the relationships of your relationships, look for the same sector or area of ​​expertise as you.

nb: avoid spamming. It's no use!!

- Be active:

react to other members' posts, send private messages, post or share posts ... in a professional tone, of course!

- Do not find out!

Avoid giving the impression that you are a gentleman who knows everything. In any case, stay humble, because otherwise it may be considered vanity or dishonesty.

Improve your SSI:

The SSI (Social Selling Index) indicates the ability of your profile to sell.
To have a good SSI, you have to find the right targets, the right contacts. This is how you will be visible. The benchmark for a very good profile is 80%!

The creation of a LinkedIn Profile and its optimization is necessary to hang new contacts.

Approximately 45,000 new members join LinkedIn daily. This is an opportunity that requires an optimized profile.

Some key points of an optimized LinkedIn profile:

1. A professional photo: is a means of credibility on professional social networks (resolution 450 × 450 pixels).
It is better to use the same photo on all your professional networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn ...). For the profile photo, you can associate a slogan to your product/service (recommended 1584 x 396 px).

2. The header (120 characters) or the line below your name. It must be catchy, very accurate because it's your identity in the search engine results.

3. Coordinates: geographic location, industry, external links (URLs) of your site.

4. Customize the profile address: to reflect your identity

5. A summary: with 2000 characters max. you have to take great care in writing it to present your products according to your targeting strategy.
Add the Call to Action along with your phone number or link to your site.

6. Professional experiences
  Highlight your expertise and keyword results to achieve the desired impact.

7. Skills: show your skills to be referenced.
8. Recommendations and opinions of people give weight to your profile. Choose which ones to include on your profile.
9. Publications:
You do not have to be a confirmed writer to use this section. it allows your publications to be visible outside of LinkedIn from different search engines.

10. Prospect:
Self-training tutorials from LinkedIn Prospecting on the web.
Companies are opting to make their sales team operational quickly kits of comprehensive prospecting material, individualized and continuous training follow-up.