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You do not have to be a design expert to create a high quality logo.

Many resources will allow you to create a logo for free:

1. Logomaker

In the free version of the Logomaker service, you can choose from thousands of icons, fonts with adjustable colors.

you can save your logo on your PC.

2. Free logo design

 allows you to create a logo using their icons, fonts, shapes and colors. The high resolution version of your logo is available for purchase.

3. Manufacturer of logo type

a generator of logos to download but the resolution is a little weak (for the free version).

4. Designimo

according to your research criteria, you will have the choice between images that may be suitable for your business.

5. Garden Logo

you must pay to download your creation, even if the design is free.

6. Mantic Design

this site guides you through the design of your logo. It is simple to use.

Once the logos have been created, you can customize it before saving. Same observation, free design but the download is paid.

7. Graphic Springs 

Graphic Springs also allows you to use the logo maker for free. It includes access to some features that aren't necessarily available on every site that allows you to create a logo for free, like certain visual effects. However, you must purchase the files before they are available for download.
If you do want to make changes to the logo after purchase, those can be done at no extra cost.

8. Logo Maker

Another site that uses the "try before you buy" model is Logo Maker. You can create a logo for free and then make a purchase once the design is to your liking.
This site boasts 10,000 available icons, so you may be able to find something more unique with this service compared with some of the others.

9. Free Logo Services

All of the design related functions are available for free through Free Logo Services, so you only have to pay if you create a logo you love.
This site walks you through the process, letting you view their creations and customize your selection. As a bonus, you can also use the design software to create other items, like business cards, making it closer to a one-stop shop than some other offerings.

10. Logo Yes

The design portion of the Logo Yes site is accessible for free, though a purchase must be made to download the file. However, they offer their services at a significantly lower cost than some others, with some buying options falling under a dollar. The available options are somewhat limited, such as the number of fonts from which to choose, but you can still create a logo worth using here.

11. Flaming Text

With Flaming Text, you do get access to some logo creation capabilities for free. However, downloading the files for business use does require payment. Personal and academic users can use the available logos and fonts at no costs, though the available features are somewhat limited.