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How to send a newsletter?

If you are in web marketing, you must have seen terms such as: newsletter, mailing list, autoresponder ...!
If you want to have more customers and increase your visibility on the internet, these tools are essential.
I will show you how to build your subscriber list and use it well.
Are you determined to get started in the world of the newsletter? if so, I propose Mailchimp .

The +?

1. simple to use and create.
2. Free up to 2000 subscribers (the autoresponder is paying)
3. known (compatible with WordPress)
4. it has a "drag and drop" editor (no need to have knowledge in Html)

let's start!

Step 1: Create your subscriber list

 You can create as many lists as you need. For example, a list of your prospects, a list of your customers, a list for your blog,...

Click on "list" then "Create a list"
Then complete the data for the list: give a name, contact details of the sender (your name or company and email address).

You will be asked for your mailing address. You can use your company domiciliation.

Step 2: Registration form

From the dashboard of your list, you can see your subscribers, view statistics ...
To create your registration form for an already created list, click on "lists" and then the name of the list.
Then click on "Signup forms" then "General forms". Make sure, in the menu, that it is "Signup form" that appears.

You can easily build your form (fill in the name and email fields) or choose colors, font, images (click on "Design it").
Check the address that you can use to promote your newsletter subscription.

Step 3 : Think of the welcome gift  to new subscribers to your newsletter (ebook, videos ..).

You have to set Mailchimp so that this welcome gift is sent automatically. Create the direct URL to this gift (test it).

Click on "Lists", select the name of the list you are looking for. Then "Signup Forms", then "General Forms". In the menu, choose "Final Welcome Email". Select "Send a final welcome email".

To personalize the content of your message and highlight it, put beautiful colors and indicate the link of your gift.
Tell new registrants that they will find their gift and welcome them warmly!

Step 4: create - send your newsletter

Click on "Campaigns" and then "Create Campaigns". Choose from the options available to you (eg "Regular Campaign"). Select the destination list and click on "Next".

Give a name for your campaign, choose an attractive subject of the email (make you want to register), check the other parameters.

  The design of the newsletter:

Here is the strength of Mailchimp compared to other free offers.
First, you select the template of your choice. It must be adapted to the content you want to put.
Place your logo. It is by exploring everything, by testing, that you will master the tool.

You can modify the fonts, colors by clicking on "Design". Stay in the same choices as your site and your brand so that your visitors make the link between the newsletter, your site, and your social networks.

Now click on "Save as a Template". You will be able to use it easily during the next sending.
 And the content of the newsletter?
Build it as you wish.
In general, a word of welcome links to the content you have created, your blog articles, your products, advice, ... Once your newsletter or "Campaign" is complete, click on "Next", check everything and if you are ready click on "Send" immediately, or click on "Schedule" to send it later.