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What is Media Net? is a contextual advertising network for bloggers and other media that can be used with Adsense.

  How much to win? pays per click. For example, for 2 CPMs for a ad unit and a clickthrough rate of about 0.5%, you'll earn 40 cents per click.

The + and the -:
• 70 million clicks / month
• Payments: monthly (bank transfer or PayPal)
• for large advertisers (Forbes, Reuters, etc.)
• A CTR above the 0.08% standard, from Displayable Ads (DSP) with relevant keywords.
• Text ads take full advantage of the DSP.
  • Technology: an example :
Text ads use "machine learning algorithms" to match advertisers to the content of the edited page. Vs AdSense:
he gives gains on the second click. That is, if a user clicks on an ad, a new page opens.
And if we click, you are paid.

The +:
Beautiful design.

They are based on the relevant keywords according to the content with a design adapted to your site, which makes them very clickable.

You will have a personal account assistant, trained to optimize your ads.

They do A / B testing, design management, colour, branding.

Even if you do your layout, they will try to give you tips on setting up pages as well as the preferred position. and AdSense are friends and work very well together.

  AdSense looks great in banners with images even if they exceed the content, while with ads in the middle of the content.

But can allow the use of sticky widgets, which AdSense does not allow.


Mobile anchored ads: Are tested like other ads and optimized for mobile traffic.


The - :


   Your site must have appropriate traffic.

Some sites may be rejected if inappropriate content (even if it is a merchandise sold on the net like Amazon: a weapon  and that is perfectly legal).


No data on the page, which prevents the improvement and the optimization of the context. and content.


Even though offers some design options in its dashboard, advanced designs are made by the representative.


Some niches are incompatible with

Media.Net is an alternative to AdSense especially if you can not use AdSense for one or another reason.
But we do not have to delete AdSense because they "get along" well
According to some experts, it is better to associate and AdSense to vary your ads on your page.

How to take full advantage of Media.Net:
- the credibility of the site.
- register on
- Fill your information.
After, will check, to tell you if it's good or not.
Once in the site, you will see your dashboard.
do not forget to add your payment method and your website.
* Create your ad: Click on "Create an ad" in the dashboard and choose the sizes ... the colors and skin ..., the graphic appearance of the ad units.
It is advisable to start with the colors of his mark.
* put the ads on the site:
use plugin to make it easier. You can copy-paste the ad code into the editor.

Choose where to advertise:
choose the AutoText option.
You can choose "before paragraph" or "after paragraph" numerically; you type "1" or "2" or "3" ... corresponding to the paragraph number.
Do not forget, Medianet does not ban persistent widgets, which earn you a lot of money, so trust and download the Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin.

- now, contact your account representative for assistance to better optimize your site / blog to generate more revenue. Do not forget to customize the second page of ads.
From time to time, check the account, site, or ad unit reports only.
Personally, I love And you?