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Music X Ray

music Xray

If you are told that you can make money listening to the songs? Well .. it's possible.

Characteristics of this company
Each song costs 10 cents
Every day you listen to a number of new songs
The minimum payment is $ 20

Now I will explain how to register and work on the site.

Let's start !!

First, click Register for free

Data is filled as shown in the picture

When you click Create Account, press Select Fan Account

And fill in the data date of increase, sex, city, province and country and then choose 5 types of music that you like and then 10 singers favorite to you.

Now we link the Facebook account to our site account

Click Save

Now the method of working in the site.

When you log in to your email, you will find an email
"You Have New Music In Your Inbox"

Click Fan Match Inbox

Press the start button of the song you received then wait 30 seconds then press Fan as the picture

Then the 10 cents will be calculated

Now how do we extract our money from the site when the minimum arrival rate is $ 20 shows an unusual button like this :

Which is Request Payment

When you click it, it will take you to another page that will tell you to put Email Albaybal

Put your email waiting for your earnings The site will tell you that profits will arrive within 10 days but will arrive before that.

Now prove to you the payment to demonstrate the credibility of the site ;

1.               Watch the video & sign-up.
2.               Music arrives in your in-box.
3.               You get paid to listen.
4.               Support the bands you love.

You will know 

Music Xray is a dedicated site for music fans to listen to new songs they might like. Listeners are paid a bit for their attention and time spent on the site.
There is also musical advertising.
The more you become fans of a musical style, the more musicians will be encouraged and happy to meet their new fans. If an artist does not please you, you can ignore his songs after 30 seconds and you will be compensated.
If you really like the song, you can support the artist by leaving a tip.
you can enter the names of your favorite artists and create a list.

What do you expect? log in now !! and start earning some money while listening to music.