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SendinBlue (Newsletter2Go)

SendinBlue (Newsletter2Go) 

mailing software

Newsletter2Go was launched in 2011 in Germany and has gradually established itself as one of the leading players in emailing in Europe. It allows for infallible email campaigns, and whatever the level of knowledge of the user. It allows us to quickly create and distribute various newsletters through different modules.

The main features: 

Recipient management

To send newsletters to hundreds of recipients, it is necessary to establish lists of contacts and know-how to manage them. It is also necessary that the email addresses to which the messages are sent are collected with consent to respect the law imposed by the RGPD. Thanks to Newsletter2Go, contact management is easy. It suffices that the user inserts the criteria of contacts that they wish to import so that the management system of this software searches for and integrates them.

With the unsubscribe option, the software allows you to update the lists and send the newsletters to those who are really interested. In addition, if the email address of one of the recipients no longer exists, the same management system will automatically exclude it from the list and will signal it to the user.

Create a newsletter

To avoid unread messages, it is essential to offer newsletters that are both attractive and informative. With the Newsletter2Go software, this task can be done simply, quickly and efficiently. The tool offers many customizable templates to adapt to the needs of the user.

The editor allows you to easily insert images, modify the initial texts or add videos. It should be noted that no programming knowledge is required to perform these tasks.

Once the models are created, the software proposes some modifications so that they can be displayed on a mobile terminal, and this without affecting your image or that of the company.

Send a newsletter

To send mass emails, Newsletter2Go is effective. Emails are sent at a high speed (3 million emails in less than an hour). These newsletters can be sent immediately or scheduled for a later date, and dates and times must be set.

For customization functions and to better control the sharing of messages, Newsletter2Go allows individualizing a newsletter for each contact, the goal being to send a file a little more to the image of the reader so that it easily records the information. It also proposes the modification of the object and the preheader to arouse the curiosity of the recipient and invite him to open his mails.

 Tracking using reports:

To follow in real-time the impact of newsletters content on recipients, the software offers some analysis and tracking features. These are programmed to visualize the number of times the emails have been opened. This visualization is represented in the form of reports with the deliverability rate, the opening rate, the conversion rate or the bounce rate.

In parallel, the software records each click made on the links inserted in the emails. The goal is to enable the user to accurately determine what interests customers in order to adopt the best possible marketing strategy.

The reports produced by Newsletter2Go also classify the impact of newsletters by age group, gender, and location. They are also the most used devices by recipients to read their emails. This information is of paramount importance to better adapt the format of the newsletters to be sent later.

Possible integration with many solutions:

One of the biggest advantages of using Newseletter2Go is that it allows the implementation of many newsletters interfaces with other existing systems on the user's server. This is an essential point for easily and directly integrating products into newsletters to send. In particular, it is possible to insert the content of the company's CMS in a single click in a newsletter, including the title of an article and its date of publication.

This feature allows you to synchronize contacts. All recipients on each account can be automatically added on Newseletter2Go this in order to reduce the time spent on manual import and sorting of contacts. The management of these can be done from any interface and the information on the products and services registered in each system can be integrated into each newsletter to be created.

Formulas and rates

Newsletter2Go offers 3 basic formulas according to the proposed features. Then, the rates vary depending on the number of emails you need.

Formula Lite which starts free for 1 user up to 1000 emails each month. It provides access to basic features

The Standard Formula which starts at 20 € per month for 5 users allows having other features such as assistance automated campaigns of new templates or easy integration in 1 click

The Pro Formula that starts at € 200 a month gives unlimited access to the number of users and allows you to benefit from the advanced features of Newsletter2Go.