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Paid to Click (PTC)

PTC “paid to click”

These are sites that pay to display online advertisements.
It's simple, you sign up and log in to your account, click on the ads and you'll be paid !!

There are millions of PTC sites, but only suggests the best of them.
 Which ones to choose?
Before you cite them, it is very important to remember that you should never create more than one account in PTC sites and never use proxy, VPN or VPS for these sites :
-          Paidverts.
-          Kolotibablo
-          Search trade
-          Clixsense
-          Swagbucks
-          Upwork
-          MusicX Ray
-          Music Research for musiclovers
-          Adv Clix ltd (closed)
-          Get paid
-          Chtiflouz
-          Adiphy
-      -          ….

- Important terms:
your account may be suspended if you do not comply with certain rules of these sites, in particular these:
* One account per computer and IP
* your Internet connection must be direct, ie, no proxy, VPN, VPS ..

To take advantage of PTC sites:
- every day, check all the ads displayed.
- Check twice a day to miss any ads.
- at least one hour a day
- realize the max. of tasks.
- develop your affiliate network because it is an inexhaustible source of profit from PTC sites.
The higher the number, the more you win ..