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Many people around the world use PTC sites (paid to click) for additional annuities or rounding up their monthly income.
But only a few earn considerable money from these PTC sites. One of the main reasons is that they join PTC's fraudulent sites.
Do not worry, because I tested only for you PTC sites.
PTC sites are free and pay to click on sites to see ads. If you take 10 minutes / day on a website, your earnings can reach on the 6 sites the $ 200 a month.

 To earn more on PTC sites, here are some tips:
1. Daily, watch all ads at a given time.
2. If you can, opt for a premium subscription.
3. Refer as many people as you can.
You will receive your winnings via PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, Skrill, Check, or your bank account.

If you work seriously on these 5 sites, you will have better benefits. There are legitimate earning opportunities online. If you want to know more tips and ways to make more money, do not hesitate to visit your site to be aware of the many solutions and possible success for more on the internet.

 is not as old as NeoBux & ClixSense, but has quickly gained the trust of users as one of the highest paid PTC sites. The Paidverts concept is different from other PTC sites.
When you sign up for Paidverts, you must click on 16 bonus announcement points (BAP) or Activation up to a total of 100 BAP ads. Paid ads will appear after clicking on the 100 BAP ads.
The value of each paid advertisement depends on the amount of accumulated BAP. So, accumulate as much BAP as you can.
To join Paidverts, click here .