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People like to express themselves and say what they think. In marketing, companies like to know what customers think of their products.

Part Survey is a type of polling site that promises to pay you .. $ 14 if you answer questions after watching a video (3 surveys/day at $ 42. !! Wow !!! ... (at that Pace it, you can win $ 1500 / week) ... Wake up! That's wrong ... Part Survey is a scam !.
If we assume the contrary naively and we subscribe to this site by giving a username, an e-mail and a password and choose to be paid by PayPal or Payza ..., you will have a dashboard, or you can click on "Survey" and even an affiliate program ... (it's a scam, so it's wrong !!).

Even more, Part Survey tells you that an affiliation earns you $ 15 per registration, 20% of your earnings ... so .. $ 1500 / week.
In these pseudo-polls, we offer you a short video, then some questions, like:
• What do you think about the quality of the video?
• Are you watching this video for the first time?
• Have you been interested in a product you watched in the video?
• Have you seen this product?
• Does this video encourage you to buy this product?
• Can this video attract new customers?
• Do you want to buy the product you watched in the video?
• Have you watched another video of this product?

Once you answer one of these questions, you are told that $ 14 has been added to your account. Part Survey tells you that you can withdraw your money when you reach $ 700.
Of course, Part Survey is easy and polls are short but the big deal ... hhhh .. Part Survey will not pay you .. never again.

So why they break their heads, they make a site, you lose your precious time, to end ... nothing?

First, they collect your email addresses. So use a fake when you sign up for these sites. Otherwise, you will have plenty of spam.

They are trying to hack your account because you give them your Payza and / PayPal addresses.

It is also possible that they lead you to a page like this: "Before you pay, you must complete the following offer ..."

So why membership is to bring more victims to their site, so more email addresses and more hacked accounts !.
So, be careful!


Part Survey is a site among dozens created by people in Russia who scam people.
There are a thousand ways to make money online but especially not Part Survey. I warned you.

Part Survey is not recommended.