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Print On Demand

The Print On Demand (POD)

That is to say you personalize products such as t-shirts, bags, shops to sell them to order.

Print-to-Ship services are provided by your supplier.

Print on demand can be used for:
• Test products with a population.
• Monetize your ideas if you are a draftsman, creator of comics ..
• Create products according to the passions of your customers.

The + and the - of POD:

PODs are based on dropshipping, where production and shipping are handled by a third party.

The +:
• You create the design, you put it on sale in a few clicks.
• Shipping is supported: Shipping is provided by your supplier. You just take care of your customers.
• You can easily add or delete products.

The - :
• Low margins: unless you buy in bulk. I advise you not to raise the prices of your creations at the beginning because there is strong competition. In addition, in MBA for example, you have to go through the 10 designs to go to 25 and 125 ... so work in this direction and do not burn the steps.
• Shipping costs vary from product to product.
• Product customization does not depend on the supplier.

The world of design of t-shirts or POD is very rewarding. It is made only for professional designers but also for anyone who wants to create a custom t-shirt.
Even if the knowledge of some software (photoshop, adobe illustrator ..) is desirable but we can, in the meantime, fiddle with other software easier.

The Print On Demand (POD) market has several platforms:
           Merch by Amazon,
*    Redbubble,
*     Teezily,
*    Spreadshirt,
*    Inkthreadable,
*    Cafepress,
*    Society6,
*    Zazzle,
*    Threadless,
*    Teespring,
*    Teepublic,
*    Teechip,
*    Gooten ..

Now, let’s learn design to create t-shirts :

Design is a vast field that depends mainly on your creativity, which starts with an idea and then translates it into a design.

For your designs, you need fonts, photos.. that fit your creations and even a Logo if you want to stand out from the competition.

If you are good at it, you can have a good income. You can make your own designs or sell your services. You can create logos, business cards or website design.

Among the very popular software we have the famous Photoshop, Illustrator or another freeware called Free T-shirt Maker, all can be used in the Print On Demand industry.
It is a free program, small (almost 11 megabits), easy to use with a simple interface, suitable for beginners and professionals with many utilities.

After downloading the program, we open it, it displays a series of t-shirts of different colors.

You can use it as follows:
*- Export only the design in png format.
- Export as a T-shirt (even better option).
- Cliparts include images and designs that can be inserted on the t-shirt, such as animals, education, technology, etc.
- select and insert the selected image.
- Add an image of your image library to the t-shirt.
- add a text to a t-shirt pattern, while changing the shape and color of the font.
- The Layers menu to differentiate the different planes between inserted images and text. The up arrow moves the image or text upwards even for the downward one.

Now, I will start by selecting a yellow t-shirt, for example, put the teeshirtforsale logo and write a text like "I love Alaska and you?" using the tools mentioned.
 After finishing the design, click Export Tshirt to save.

If you want to add new Clipart to the program, you can do it by clicking "Download Clipart" for free.