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Privacy Policy for YouTube

Privacy Policy

for YouTube

YouTube for some time proceeded to delete some content. The main cause is the violation of the privacy of others. The video can be reported by the person in question. Other causes may be evoked, for example, a picture or video belongs to you, your voice or your name, your content, personal information.

Youtube ensures that the identity of the complainant is protected. When he files the complaint, the downloader is notified and must delete it within 48 hours even if he has the consent of the complainant !!

It's up to you to choose between protecting your privacy or not by changing the settings of your profile.

You can protect your videos in the privacy settings of the account by limiting who sends you messages or turning off comments or managing what people can know about the video.

All your information may be used against you. Be careful not to give your password to others even if someone claims to be from YouTube.

Learn how to ask someone for permission before filming or using what is theirs.

Use two-step verification for your google account for your security.

To create your privacy policy for websites or apps, I invite you to click here