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Revenue Hits

Earn with Revenue Hits

Revenue hits is an advertising agency, an alternative to Google Adsense with Infolinks. Even if you have low traffic in your site / blog, you can make money with Revenue Hits with its banners and mobile ads. CPM and CPC rates are high. Its affiliate program can earn you more money ($ 10 to $ 100 per referral).

Methods and payment threshold:

You can recover your earnings with Paypal, Payoneer .... from $ 20 (Payoneer and Paypal) and $ 100 for the bank transfer.

How to do ?

- First, Go to the site.

-Fill, fill in the information (of the site / application):
the site URL, description and category.

Now click on "Continue".
Third, type the username, first name, last name, email and password
Fourth, introduce your payment method (paypal, payoneer ..)

Fifthly, click on "accept conditions".
Sixthly, go to your mailbox and confirm your account to activate it.

How can I add revenue hits ads in your blogger?

then: Click on "New Location" and choose « Desktop Placement ».

Third, choose from the proposed options, such as pop-under, banner, ghost ad, top bar, etc.
After customizing your ad, click Save.
Preview the ad and click </> to get the code for that ad.

In the next step, go to the blogger dashboard.

In "Layout", click on "Add a gadget".

Add a square html / Javascript and paste in your ad code.

Finally, Save. That's all.
For mobile site ad campaigns, you need to choose mobile placements in step 2 with no changes for other steps.