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Sarbacane (Mailify)

Sarbacane  (Mailify)

Sarbacane is an emailing software created in France. With thousands of customers around the world and a reliable service tool from the optimization of contact lists to synchronization.


- contact management:

To create a new campaign, you must:

* first define the parameters of the emailing.

In a second step, we will define the recipients of our campaign. So either imports its list from Excel or copy and paste a list of emails. The second solution is a previously created list. Sarbacane automatically checks for duplicates and syntax errors.

- Targeting:

 another interesting feature, to limit your list of contacts to send them your newsletter according to some filters.

Emailing creation

we start by defining the object that will appear in the emails of our recipients, customize it by adding the first name of the contact.
  If we are a web designer, we can import our HTML creation. However, Sarbacane offers pre-built templates to customize, which are free, responsive and fully customizable! Depending on your area of activity.

- The EmailBuilder feature:  allows us to create our email through drag and drop. Sarbacane offers us colors, texts, typography, borders ... easily customizable.

- The sending:

We check the text version and all the links to the campaign. We check the actual poster of the creation on different messengers.

It is advisable to send yourself tests on your own e-mail before proceeding to send immediately or offline emails.

- Measurement of campaign performance:

Go to "statistics" then "summary" to see all previous campaigns.

For statistics, click on "see statistics". you will have the click-through rates, the number of unique clickers, unsubscribe rates and even the estimated reading time of an email, the most used email ...

Finally, the performance report can be sent by email or downloaded as a PDF.
The domain name is customizable with its behavior tracking URLs. This will allow you to not be blocked by ISPs and your recipients will see your domain name in the shipping fields.


The offers are not binding which is interesting.

Sarbacane offers prepaid packs for 1 year.
Sarbacane offers a 30-day free trial.


The interface of Sarbacane is successful, going to the basics. We sail and create his first campaign easily.

You can use Sarbacane offline and load large files with the Sarbacane cloud platform that allows you to synchronize between your account and software.
In my opinion on Sarbacane, I recommend without hesitation. If not, you can try it for free.

To create your Email campaign: click on "+" on the Sarbacane home screen, then on "Create a campaign" and then on "Email".

In "Standard Campaign", name it, assign tags, and set sharing options.
  After importing your list of recipients, view it as a table to make the necessary adjustments.