Breaking News, is a company that pays you for the clicks that your shortened URLs have received.
You can choose the desired payment methods and the amount to withdraw.

While there are other URL shorteners, has some advantages:
- a high commission rate.
- no ads on your site (so no extra charge), only on the intermediate page that is used for this purpose.
- several advanced tools for monetization. is paid for having shortened any site, then you get paid because it's your link that brought the click. claims that it only captures authenticated ads for impressions, so no scam or un-legitimate advertising.
Other advantages :
- makes your job easier.
- Short URLs are short: if we take this link: is more shareable in the following form:
We have more shares, so more money.
- Detailed information: shows you which link generated how many clicks.
This will allow you to improve your strategy, even double or triple your income.
- hide your link in case of affiliation (long link), so the links are clean and short.
- the redirection of your traffic to the sales page.
- Some pages have service limits and allows you to include a max of links in a short space, which allows you to include more products and therefore more sales.

Mass shrinker:
allows you to reduce multiple URLs (up to 20) with one click.
This will save you a lot of time.

Affiliate Programs:

  a program put in place to increase your income.
  Users use your link, which will earn you 20% as sponsorship income from your affiliates.
So, relax, it will sink in your pockets as long as they use it.

Advanced scripts:

which allows you to monetize your website.
it will show ads on the site. This will increase the CTR and earnings up to 10 times.

Custom triggers

it will let you know how your ads will appear.

Exit intentions

are ads that are displayed when the user wants to leave the site and if your bounce rate is high, you can get paid for it.