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If you are creative and want to generate revenue in the area of ​​POD (print on demand), Society6  is a solution for you.

1- Registration:

Society6 is a platform for anyone with a sense of art whether professional or novice artist. If you want to make money by designing beautiful creations, join us!

2- Create your account:

start by choosing your username / URL (irreversible step), then add your information.

Remember to add an avatar, a cover image and a short biography.

Check your PayPal account, click on the avatar and navigate to a new page, click on "Get Verified" for PayPal verification. ( a recoverable transaction of $ 1 is made to confirm your e-mail).

3- Download your drawing:

Click "Sell" in the menu then, drag the artwork to the "drop zone" (maximum file size 150 MB)

4 - Identify your artwork:

 add a title, tags, and description according to SEO standards for your artwork to be rediscoverable.

5- Product activation:

Society6 applies your drawing automatically to as many products as possible. You can also, activate what you want.




You can edit your artwork on the Create Products page, reposition them before saving.

You can adjust your margin on the sale of different products. Click on the product of your choice then "Edit" and "Save and close".
Promotion of your creation:
to make your products available for sale, click on "Publish". It is recommended to display some works of art in your online store to discover your talent.
Some tips to take advantage of your shop:
- go to
- Create your account (email and password).
- enter then log in.
- complete your profile with a cover image (1000 x 100 pixels, JPG / PNG), an avatar (photo / logo) and a biography.
 - enrich your artistic culture by visiting the works of other creators.
- choose your banner, your photo / logo because it is a window of your "store".
- download your work: in the drop-down menu, click on "manage my publications" then "art post", you will have the page "download your illustration".
-download your artwork as a PNG / JPG file (at least 150 dpi) with a size (6500 x 6500 pixels).
- Now, click on "download your artwork" and select the file from its location.
You must check the "I have all rights ..." box to protect your copyrights.
Do not forget to write the title of the work, its category, tags (up to 20 keywords) and a short description.

- Choice of products: some 50 products organized in 9 categories:
· Wall Art
· Table top
· Stickers and stationery
· Tech
· House decoration
· Pillows and bedding
· Bath
· Clothing
· Bags.

Choose the prices of your items. I advise you at the beginning to accept a small margin because your goal is to extend your stand and to loyal clients.
Immediately, click "PUBLISH".

Bravo! You have your own "store" and you will have passive income.
I wish you better sales and a lot of money !!

If you have not started yet, what are you waiting for? start creating beautiful things and take advantage of this passive money opportunity by registering for Society6!