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Best strategies for making money with Swagbucks:

If, like many people, you spend a lot of time browsing the Internet, does it tempt you to turn that time into money?
If your answer is yes, then follow me.

Swagbucks allows you to earn money by browsing, searching the net, and conducting polls, watching videos and other things you do often for free ....

Swagbucks does not take much of your precious time and, in reward, will pay you money via Paypal or buy from famous sites at unbeatable prices, such as - eBay and other famous markets.

 You can easily create a free Swagbucks account and start accumulating points, which will be converted into cash or bonus once you reach the minimum threshold.

But how does it work?

 Swagbucks is a platform that reward you after performing very easy tasks (Answering questionnaires, searching the Internet, watching videos, playing or trying new games, downloading applications ...)

At Swagbucks, points are called "SB" and are exchanged for gift cards or cash withdrawals directly through Paypal. Gift cards come from more than 1,500 retailers, including Amazon, Starbucks, Argos, M & S and iTunes.

How much can I win with Swagbucks?

for example, $ 5 of an Amazon card equals 620 SB points and you need to earn 16,000 points for the £ 100 required to be paid via PayPal.

The accumulation of points is very easy from the beginning. I did not think that collecting money through Swagbucks was so easy after doing research and viewing videos and polling. You can achieve many things on this site every day, except that you will earn money !!

Swagbucks, a search engine?

There is a very simple way to passively win points on Swagbucks. Change your default search engine for Swagbucks (instead of Google, Crypto tab, presearch, Bing or other), because if you do daily searches (this is the case for everyone), Swagbucks will offer you points .

How much will I earn from research only?

Plan 20 points on the 20 searches made. At this rate only you will harvest after a few days some 300 $ of your research.

watch the videos:

You can earn SB by watching videos. Honestly, the points to watch the videos are not very high, but if you do it for fun like on youtube, you will not, I think, refuse more points as a reward. You can choose the categories of videos to watch because the content is very varied

You can hide the video in the background to the next video if you do not want to watch the video content. You will receive 3 points for 30 minutes of video.

So you can earn a lot of points every day, despite the number of points you will get by watching each video, but you do it in advance, right?
You will find that your profits increase every day without you feeling.

Download apps to your phone, tablet or computer and earn points:

 install the app, open it, recognize it and leave it for a short while. If the applications are free, you will get 15 to 50 points, but if they are paid, you will get these points multiplied by 10.

Buy online and get your cashback:

Many people shop on the Internet, but if you use Swagbucks, you will get fantastic and great points.
 Instead of going directly to the site of purchase or reservation or any service, you can earn 3 points for every dollar spent through Swagbucks. It should be noted that a search must be made to find out if this site is shared with Swagbucks or not before paying your money and accessing this site via the Swagbucks website to earn points (there are in this platform famous sites such as, Ticketmaster, WH Smith, The Body Shop, First Choice and Toys R Us ...). Usually, your vacation costs you a lot of money but through Swagbucks' partners, you'll get hundreds of points that you can convert into bonuses or money later on.

Respond to surveys:

once used to completing questionnaires, in half an hour a day, this can be a little profitable. What makes a small percentage of the number of questionnaires you can receive usually takes 3 to 20 minutes and you will earn between 40 and 100 points for each quiz !! Depending on the type of questionnaire you completed. There are also daily polls that take about two seconds to get more points.

Share with your friends and colleagues:

 through your affiliate link, invite your friends to join Swagbucks, for free, you will earn points and 10% of the profits of your affiliates as long as they benefit from the site without it decreasing their profits. So why not?!

Earn points with Swagbucks:

Download the Swagbucks browser plug-in to receive notifications on "SBs" as they become available. You will have 50 points for a download. That's great, is not it?

The notifications you receive will tell you where to go to find these codes and then enter the "Swag Codes" area at the top of your Swagbucks Control Panel. What boasted!

Daily tasks:

The site tells you each day the target amount. You will also get points for the 8 daily tasks recommended by the site. Your goal is to have a maximum of extra bonus points.

The lottery:

If you are a competitor, you can register at Swagbucks Limited to win the lottery. Prices can range from technical gadgets such as Apple products to the chances of getting a jackpot.

But note that by participating in this competition, you will spend points. For example, you can enter a contest to earn 50 points, but it will cost you two points for example.

play online games:

if you like to discover new games, I recommend you try them and get more points. Some games require reaching a certain level in order to earn points. The game addiction on your phone will finally be fully paid!

subscribe to services:

By signing up for free trials and services such as television and online games, you'll get a great reward. However, as with the online purchase method and to get your money back as explained above, you should only use this option if you plan to use the service. Indeed, some of them ask you to spend some of your money to register. But if they are free, they deserve to have your free time, because they pay very important sums and bonus points!

Now it's your right to enjoy your free time to start collecting points and to join Swagbucks in a completely free way. Many rewards await you, so what are you waiting for?

If you want to earn points, then click here and have fun !