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or how to make money selling t-shirts


Teechip is a well-known website for selling t-shirts. The site supports shipping in most countries of the world. It also allows you to design t-shirts and make profits from sales made during your sales. This site is similar to POD sites (teespring for example).
We will now see everything about Teechip and how to make good use of it.


Before starting to explain the site, let's talk about the most important point, what you are definitely interested in is the payment and ways to withdraw your profits!
Remove revenue from Teechip:
Teechip offers two ways to get profits, the first Paypal and the second is Payoneer with a minimum of $ 20 only, which sets the site apart. Your winnings arrive in less than 24 hours after the withdrawal request.

Note: On your first withdrawal, site support will contact you to learn how to increase sales of your designs. This is normal. Do not worry, give them an overview of the promotion of your designs and you will be paid.

Registration on Teechip:

 is easy, does not require any experience, just click on register.

After, you need to create and download your designs on Teechip and promote them to sell more for profit.

Start by creating your designs on the Teechip website:

When you create, the following points should be considered:

• a size of 4500px * 5400px

• It is best to have an eye on the shirts sold on Amazon and Esty.

• TeeChip does not focus much on the rights issue, which sets it apart from other platforms.

• The price must be between 14.99 and 17.99 to be affordable for the buyer.

The promotion on teechip:

 publish in collections of the same category as your drawing.

(To publish a t-shirt for dog lovers, go to dog lover groups on Facebook, Pinterest, .... etc, and post a link to your t-shirt).

After bringing in capital with this method, advertise your drawings on the Facebook platform for example.

Good luck !!!