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   Designers have won some $ 1.5 million via Threadless which is considered a design space par excellence. Everyone can create designs, but only a few are rated well.

Some notions:

- Threadless offers stores where talent can shine with their original and well-rated designs.

Important Note: Artistic text designs with fragmented sentences never win Threadless contests.

- Earnings :

You can set the price of your designs. Your gain will be the result of subtracting the base cost from the price you set.

Threadless pays the designers via PayPal. The January earnings for example, are paid the first week of February because of the 30-day return policy (for the happiness of customers! Wow).


Threadless is an artists store. You can customize your shop and designs to your taste.
Your earnings will be paid during the first week of the following month via PayPal.
Here’s some Pros and cons in Threadless:

1-     Pros :

- Simple: no technical knowledge to start or bank account verification.

- Total control of your products.

- Free choice of prices and products.

- High commission.

- Experience: without diminishing the value of other companies, the Threadless platform is older than Redbubble and Society6 ...

- No minimum size for clients.

2- Cons:

Self-promotion for potential sellers is essential at Threadless. A lack of knowledge of online marketing will be a handicap for you to make huge gains. If not for small businesses, it does not have much influence. Over time, you will learn from yourself a lot about the world of marketing.