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If you want to travel around the world of Twitter, follow the following steps step by step:
- go to and fill in the required information, namely your name (no fake profile as it will be suspended and considered SPAM), your email, num phone and a password.
- uncheck "Customize Twitter".
- the email address is used to validate your account.
- click on "Sign up".
- choose a good username because it will be visible to everyone and will be part of the URL of your Twitter address (it may also be your real name).
- click on "Create my account".
- Now, Ignore "Who to follow" and "What to follow".
- click on "Ignore the import".
- access your e-mail and validate your account.
Congratulations, you have completed the first step successfully!

- Complete your profile before following people:
 it can not be done later because a follower who does not find anything about you on your profile will unsubscribe and you can not retrieve it.
- upload your photo for more followers.
- add a short description, your biography or your passion (160 characters max.).
- click on "Save".
- Now, make your first tweet to see what it looks like as a new Twitter.
Your message must be 280 characters or less in the "What's going on?"
Your tweet is visible to everyone but is not sent to anyone because you do not have a subscriber yet.

You can create a personal Twitter account but it is possible to create one for commercial purposes:
You can earn money via Twitter which is a powerful tool in itself and not only to steer to another site.
 You can make money on the net by collecting the largest number of interested people by a niche.
As for a blog: advertisements, sponsored links, and affiliation.
I propose some programs that can help you to control and make profitable your Twitter account:
1. Sponsored tweets:
 to set the price per click for tweeted ads selected from a proposed list. To join Sponsored Tweets, after two months of creating your account, you must have 50 or more subscribers and 100 tweets.
2. MyLikes
advertising platform used on Twitter, Tumblr, blog, and YouTube. Choose the ads you want and the time they will be tweeted. Payments are weekly and your winnings are calculated on the basis of 0.42 USD / click.
3. allows you to share the advertisements in your tweets. you have to mention your interests in your profile and it's up to the advertisers who choose you to publish a campaign. You earn a flat fee by sending a specific number of tweets.
 4. Rev Twt:
unlike, Rev Twt is a pay-per-click platform. Depending on the number of your followers, so your reputation, you will be offered more profitable campaigns. You will be paid via Paypal once your earnings reach $ 20.
 5. Twittad: first sponsored tweet platform. You can set your CPC, waiting for advertisers to accept it. When you reach $ 30, you will be paid via Paypal.

You can also earn money with Twitter by selling banners with your own rates and by posting live sponsored tweets, sending a personal message to your subscribers. I will tell you more in the near future, I hope so.
I let you now get used to your Twitter account by trying the different tools mentioned above and I count on your ideas and your creativity to develop your business.
Good Tweets !!