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Vegas Pro software

Sony Vegas Pro

I present the basics of Vegas Pro software (or Sony vegas pro) to make beautiful videos.

   1-      start by importing your clips:

Let's start with the importing of clips to edit.

In the "File" menu choose "Import"
then "Media", the file browser will open to you. Just select the files to import them.
Click and drag the clips onto the timeline tracks.
Now we'll go to the edition.

    2-      video and audio tracks :

This timeline contains video tracks and audio tracks.
Video tracks can contain photos, videos, or texts, and audio tracks can contain sounds or music.
If you want to add a track to the timeline, you just have to right-click and then "Add a video track".

- 3 -      Special effects:

You can add effects in Vegas Pro. For this, click on "Effects" and choose what you like.

4- Masking:

A versatile tool that allows you to cut objects in a movie.
To do this, right-click on the video to hide and choose "Video event panning" and check "Mask".
Go to "Anchor Creation Tool" to point the edge of the object to hide.
Move this item where you want and click "Apply".

5- Exporting:

You can now export the video to download.
Go to "File" and then "Export".
choose the format of your video (.avi, .mov, .mpg, .mp4)
Your video is now downloadable.

6- End.

To download Vegas Pro, click here