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Creating great videos require good tools.

YouTube extensions are part of it. They allow you to edit your videos, add sounds (or music), special effects ... in order to make them profitable.


an easy-to-use online video editor. WeVideo helps you to:
- assist you throughout the process of creating your video.
- Add, using your webcam and microphone, video and audio recordings.
- connection to the cloud for the use of your files.
- Helps publish on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and in your website.

Pro Mode to YT Editor:

 With its shortcuts, it facilitates the work of the YT editor and makes it more accessible. This tool can also be useful to you by:
- adding notifications to get what you need faster.
- perform tasks such as sorting images, tabs using shortcuts only.
- the preview.

Video conversion:

Some extensions to convert or even compress your videos in different formats:


- It compresses without affecting the quality of the videos by a simple drag and drop.
- creates links for your videos, which allows you to download them either on Google Drive or YT.
- the recording is done in 360p, 480p and 720p, which pleases the vloggers.

Nimbus video screenshot:

- Captures web pages and saves videos from your screen, manipulates it and saves it in JPG and PNG format.
- modifies the texts of the video.
- includes other tools such as Nimbus Note and Google Drive.


- saves screencasts and screenshots. The light version does not understand all the features and only records 20 minutes. videos.
- allows creating videos WEBM and VP8.
- saves on Google Drive and publishes on YT.

Download and publication:

there are extensions to download, publish and share your videos:

YT Uploader for Dropbox:

- uploads and publishes your videos stored in Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive.
- download in batch mode.
- Supports video formats such as MPEG-PS, MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, MPEG4, WebM, FLV, and 3GP.

Management and optimization of videos:

these are the most important tools, in my opinion, because they will allow you to update annotations and manage comments ...


- indispensable and works as a toolbox to optimize my videos.
- allows the replacement and updating of descriptions, hypertext links and references on videos.
- from screenshots and layers, allows you to generate professional thumbnails for your videos.
- export the list of subscribers (CSV file) to be in touch with your subscribers and get an idea about their concerns and their points of view.

vidIQ Vision:

- Allows complete optimization by showing you what the best creators do to generate traffic.
- gives you statistics of your videos as well as the famous "vidIQ Score" that ranks them, which gives you the idea that your video is among the videos recommended in the search for videos in its category.
- It gives you the average viewing time, which reflects the interest that viewers bring to your video and the channel of course.
- Velocity (number of views per hour), so the popularity and the current trend of the most followed videos.
- social media numbers (likes, shares, comments, and tweets) are a big contribution to a YT channel.

VISO Catalyst:

- platform available exclusively for BBTV partners.
- shows you the most popular videos with all the necessary data for optimization and analysis for you to create reference videos.
- makes it possible to optimize the titles so that they are very concise.
- also, it is the creator of vignettes. It also allows you to post them on different social media.
- his keyword recommendations guide us in our choice of titles, descriptions, and tags of videos.

Management-optimization of social media:

  these tools allow you to manage social networks.


- allows you to sell by launching campaigns via social media (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) and have a social ROI on the part of viewers.
- Measure current trends and instantly compare the performance of your videos to other creators.
- take the advice of customers, which allows you to improve.

Statistics :

some extensions give you the details of your videos. We can cite:

Heartbeat :

- allows you to always be in touch with your subscribers. It tells you the age of the video, the statistics on the monetization of your channel.
- allows holding discussions between those who have the same centers of interest and share their videos.
- study your earnings, your audience and the number of your subscribers and competitors.
- allows you to tag your videos for SEO.

Social Blade :

- also gives you the statistics of YT and the different social media.
- study the social feedback on the content of your channel.
- shows you the estimate of your earnings as graphics.