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YSENSE (Clixsense)

YSENSE (Clixsense)

Ysense (Clixsense) is no longer limited to PTC. A beginner who has joined this site can also earn a ridiculous amount of money. This site has already proven its position in terms of longevity. It does not matter how you make money online but never miss this site.

1. No limit of ads you click each day.
2. no limit on the number of references.
3. Ysense (Clixsense) launched the PTC in 2007
4. the lowest advertising rate.
5. No billing for upgrading your account.
6. no maximum withdrawal amount.

YSENSE (CLIXSENSE) is the oldest PTC site, faithful to its members, preferable and trustworthy. It is a completely legitimate, honest and paid PTC site.


Ysense(Clixsense) allows you to earn money in many ways :

1. By clicking on the ads
2. Perform tasks
3. Complete offers and surveys
4. Play Clixgrid
5. Daily verification bonus
6. Affiliate program

You will have different types of ads to click

1. Micro ads
2. Mini ads
3. Standard ads
4. Extended ads

MICRO ADS: 5 seconds viewing for 0.001 € each.
MINI ADS - 15 seconds for $ 0.005 each.
STANDARD ADS- 30 seconds for $ 0.01 each.
EXTENDED ADS- 60 seconds for $ 0.02 each.

Pink color - extensive ads
Green color ads
Orange color - mini ads
Yellow color - micro ads

The second way is to finish the tasks that are small jobs. From each task, you can earn a few cents to several dollars.

The third way to make money is to complete daily surveys, the registration of a particular website, cashback shopping, downloads. Each survey can earn $ 0.30 to several dollars.

The fourth way to make money is playing clixgrid

In Clixgrid, as a standard member, you can click 25 times. for a premium member 50 times. you can win up to $ 5. It's a game, the more you play, the more chances you have to win.

The fifth way is to use a checklist bonus. see below

Here I clicked on ptc ads 4
clixgrid 25 times
visited forum 8

Here is the minimum required for a daily bonus

PTC ad - 2clicks
Clixgrid-15 clicks
either full task - 10 or full offer -2
visit the forum- 1 page
You will have a $ 0.50 bonus on the checklist.

The sixth way is to use the affiliate program

if someone joins Ysense (Clixsense) through your referral link, you will have commissions every time your direct referral clicks on ptc ads, ads, tasks, or offers (a premium member is substantially higher than a standard member).



 You can see the commissions you can earn in different types of ads.

as a premium member, you will have a sign-up bonus of $ 0.50 if your direct referral earns $ 1 through a click on a PTC ad.


Whenever your direct referrals buy an ad credit or a Clixgrid link, you will earn, as a standard member, 10% up to $ 1, but as a premium member, 10% up to $ 2 per reference with a limit by reference. If you are a standard member, you can earn up to $ 50 per referral and if a Premium member you can earn $ 100 per referral.


as a standard member, you will earn 5% of your direct referral tasks and a Premium member, 10% of your referral revenue.


 when your direct references complete the offers. as a standard member, you will have 5% of your direct sponsorship offers and as a Premium member you will have 10% of their offers.

it's wise to upgrade your premium subscription for $ 17 / year. if you switch to a premium subscription, your direct references have their direct references so that they reach 8 levels. see below. This screenshot is of a member who has earned a lot of money through his referrals.

you'll get $ 2 each time your direct referrals go premium, but also, $ 1 each from your direct referrals and their referrals value their membership up to 8 levels.


1- Registration fees $ 0.50
2- commission up to $ 2 each time your direct referral purchase ad credit or your Clixgrid link
3- Top Direct Reference Click Commissions
4 times more chances to win Clixgrid (50) times
5 other adverts available
6- Affiliate program 8 levels
7 welcome credits 1000
8- minimum receipt $ 6 for the standard is $ 8


payment: Paypal or Payza

You can make more money once you get active every day and improve your subscription. It will take you a few days to reach $ 17. Upgrade your subscription. After that, you will realize the true power of Ysense (Clixsense) even without your knowledge, the balance of your account will reach $ 100 in a few days. As we all know, the PTC site is a reference game. But getting a reference for Ysense (Clixsense) is not a difficult thing.

I encourage you if you are not a Ysense (Clixsense) member, join Ysense(Clixsense) and make money online.