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Zazzle, an online market of more than 300 million products, allows you to design your products using the images of well-known companies (Disney, Star Wars, Universal, Coca-Cola ...)

Launched in 2005, Zazzle was first recognized as the "Best Business Model" in 2007 and again in 2010.
Based in Redwood City, California, offers POD services, even with embroidery!
To start with Zazzle:
- On's page, search "My Account" and "Public Products".
- click Quick Creation as illustrated.

- When the "Configure your products" window opens, in "Choose products to create", use the default settings.
- choose an image then "Create products".
- click on "Customize".
- adjust the position and / or size of the image until you obtain the desired result, then click "Done".
- click on "Next", fill in the requested data. Do not forget to write a short description and put tags.
- select "Hidden" in "Product Visibility".
- select "Templates to reuse" under "Quick creation options".
- under "Store Category", click  "New" then "Done"
- choose a category that you like, name it, then "Add a new line of products".
- put the royalty of this product, post it and ... that's all!

Well done! you have your first creation there. You can use it as a template and you can access your template by going to "Configure your productsthen "Use your own templates".